Win a Night Out at Dooly’s for You and 39 Friends!



We have three house plans that need awesome names but we’re unable to come up with anything that we can all agree on, so we’re asking for your help. In return for your creative juices, we’re giving away three awesome Dooly’s prizes. Oh, hell yeah!

What We Want From You

Okay, so here’s the deal: we’ve got three house plans that need a name. We’ve posted images and details of each of these plans on our Facebook page. Several people have voted already, and we’ve created polls of the top answers for each house plan. BUT (and there’s always a but, ‘cept this is a good but!) the contest is still open to new ideas, so just because we’ve created a poll doesn’t mean that we’re closed off from hearing your ideas! If you think you’ve got a better name for one of these house plans, leave a comment below to let us know and we will totally consider it!

What You’ll Get From Us

Oh yeah, you probably want to know what you’ll get if you win. The winner will receive a night out at Dooly’s in a semi-private room for themselves and 39 of their closest friends. You’ll have access to pool tables, Nintendo Wii, a stereo … everything you need for an awesome night will be provided (except the friends, you’ll need to get those yourself).

As we need three names, we’ll be providing three of these kick-ass prizes. The winners will be announced at the end of next week (probably on Thursday, June.16th).

The Details to Get Started

Here are the deets on each of the house plans, including links to more pictures.

Two-Storey Semi-Detached Model

2-Storey Semi-Detached Home

Pictures of this home, including floor plans, are posted here.

Check out our Facebook poll with the top names here (don’t forget to vote!).

Single Family Model

Single Family Home

Additional photos and floor plans can be viewed here.

Here’s a link to the poll with the top names.

Raised Ranch Semi-Detached Model

Raised Ranch Semi-Detached Home

To see photos and floor plans of this home, check out our Facebook album.

To vote for the best name, check out the poll of the top names.

Give Us the Best Name to Win

Don’t forget, we’re still open to hearing your ideas! Just leave a comment below, letting us know your ideas and for which house plan. You can also participate by clicking on any of the links above. Good luck and thanks for lending us your brain!