Why Run For The Cure? Meet My Friends…


Post By: Natalie Davison

Who in your life has been affected?

I started doing the CIBC Run For The Cure in 2009 shortly after one of my dearest friends, began her fight with breast cancer.  If you haven’t watched someone you love battle this disease, you are very fortunate.  Sharing her experience was nothing short of life changing for me.  Battling radiation and chemotherapy for months upon months, my friend set a goal- to complete the Run For The Cure for the first time.

That year, I pushed my one year old twins in a stroller while my friend was pushed alongside them in a wheelchair- riding out the effects of a particularly difficult round of chemotherapy.  I’m moved to tears just remembering that day.  She was pushed across the finish line just before her 84 year old grandmother walked across.  She was surrounded by an army of supporters, family, friends and total strangers who understood her battle.  Imagine the love that she felt that day! THAT is what this run is all about.

Recently, I’ve been touched indirectly by this disease again.  When I had my twins, I became part of an extremely supportive online forum of mothers of multiples.  These ladies have coached each other through childbirth, nursing, managing the day to day and even devastating loss.  My heart broke when I recently learned that one of these amazing young mommies is facing this fight.  She is the new face of this disease- young, beautiful, vibrant, mom of 3 young kids.

You should read her story here: http://cancerfnsucks.blogspot.com/.

We do this Run because we want to help.  We want fighters and survivors to be surrounded by an army of friends, family and fans.  We need them to know that they’re not alone- that they’ll never walk alone.

Join us on October 2!  Or if you can’t, consider supporting us with a sponsorship or by attending our Wine & Cheese For The Cure.

Join or Sponsor Us: http://www.runforthecure.com/site/TR/RunfortheCure2012/Atlantic?team_id=20133&pg=team&fr_id=1256

Wine & Cheese For The Cure: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=269807263036995

Think about your friends… who can you run for?