Why Buy a New Home?

So, you want to purchase your Dream Home. With the vast selection of homes on the market today, what do you choose – a new home or a resale? There are many factors to consider when making this crucial decision and you may find that purchasing a new home has certain advantages over a resale.

of home – you can choose a model based on your family’s lifestyle and needs
of features – you decide on which finishes, colours and upgrades your home will have
of modern designs – combining functional work spaces, lighting and living areas
of builder – do your homework and choose a reputable builder based on their skills, experience and quality of construction

Quality of Construction
New homes are built today using the latest construction codes and standards, advanced techniques and materials resulting in a solid, safe and comfortable home.

Energy Efficiency
Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, higher levels of insulation, more efficient windows and building techniques benefit both the customer and the environment.

You know what you expect when you purchase a new home. Costs are laid out and you don’t have to allow for repair bills or maintenance costs for some time to come. There is also the advantage of time and flexibility with respect to deposits.

With a standard New Home Warranty, the builder’s after-sales service program and the product manufacturers’ guarantees, you have the peace of mind that it’s covered.

Maintenance costs are much lower than a resale due to the fact that everything is new.

There’s a certain personal connection with a new home. You see what you get. You can follow the progress of construction at all stages and have your questions answered along the way. There’s nothing like the smell of new paint, floors and lumber and you savour the fact that you are the first to live and make memories in your new home.

Can you think of any other reasons why buying new is better?