The Secret To My Success

When I started Martell Home Builders, nearly 5 years ago, I got some solid advice from my old brother Dan. “Go out and find people who’ve already accomplished what you’re trying to do, and ask them for advice”, he said “Not only will you learn faster, you can usually avoid making the same mistakes they have”.

That specific advice lead me on a journey of self learning and many trips across north america. In the first year alone, I travelled to PEI, Halifax, Toronto, even Calgary so I could meet and get advice from some of the top home builders and real estate marketing experts in the industry.

It’s because I know the power of great advice, that I’m so excited for the launch of Dan’s new company: Clarity. If you’re a business person living in, or around Moncton, you won’t want to miss this event. He’s got over 400+ of the world best entrepreneurs available for calls through Clarity. He certainly can explain things better than me .. but you’ll need to be at the event to get access.  (ex: Here’s my profile ) Launch, Thursday, January 5th @ 5pm, Capitol Theatre, 811 Main St, Moncton, NB

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I hope you make it. Sometimes a simple 10 minute phone call with the right person can change your life forever.