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Weekend Giggles: Funny Animal YouTube Videos

Funny Animals

There’s an endless amount of animal videos published on the internet; some are funny, some are cute, and some just plain dumb. Here are a few that make the cut as some of the funniest animal videos on YouTube.

(Make sure you have your speakers on to watch these – they aren’t as funny without the sound!)

Ultimate Dog Tease

Talking Beaver on the Highway

Very funny dog! Really determined too…

Funny British Animal Voiceovers

Share Your Favourites

Do you have a favourite animal video that makes you laugh every time you watch it? Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

DIY Videos on How to Fix a Toilet

 How to Fix a Toilet

If you are having toilet troubles – and I mean in the literal sense – there are some easy and affordable steps you can take to try to fix it yourself, before calling in a plumber.

There are an abundance of YouTube videos that illustrate how to fix a toilet; some of the videos are great, many more are crap (no pun intended). Here are a few videos that do a good job at explaining how to fix common problems. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, leave a comment to let us know what toilet troubles you’re having and we’ll do our best to help you out!

If you have a leaky toilet, this video will teach you how to replace a damaged seal:


This next YouTube video will show you how to fix a toilet that won’t stop running:


And finally, this DIY toilet repair video will teach you how to fix a toilet that has a leaky flapper valve:

Top 10 Videos That Highlight Why New Brunswick is a Great Place to Live (or Visit!)

Hopewell Rocks from above


We’ve already shown you why the city of Moncton, New Brunswick totally rocks, but what about the rest of the province?  Whether you’re trying to decide where to plan your next holiday or are thinking about moving to New Brunswick, whatever your reasons for searching out New Brunswick are, here are some of the best YouTube videos that show why New Brunswick is one of the best places to live (or visit).

Did you know that some of the lighthouses in New Brunswick have been converted to Bed & Breakfasts’? Or that the Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world? Were you aware that the waters of New Brunswick attract over a dozen species of whales? This is just some of the information and facts about New Brunswick that’s highlighted in the YouTube video below.

Check out this video of the amazing Magnetic Hill in Moncton. This phenomenon has been one of New Brunswick’s major attractions for the past century, according to the Magnetic Hill website. This video shows three people experiencing the optical illusion.

Another famous New Brunswick phenomenon is the Hopewell Rocks, located at the Hopewell Cape on the Bay of Fundy.

According to this next YouTube video, “New Brunswick is the east coast energy hub, with over 30 billion dollars’ worth of new projects now in the pipeline.” The province is home to several industry leaders, many of which made it on our list of the top 10 New Brunswick companies that create jobs; just another reason why New Brunswick is such a great place to live!

New Brunswick is also an awesome place to live – or visit – in the winter; especially if you’re into snowmobiling, as this next video illustrates. Oh, and if you plan to snowmobile in this province, make sure you read 5 Ways to Kill Yourself on a Snowmobile first, just so you’re prepared. You can also go tubing, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, and dog sledding, just to name a few other awesome winter activities New Brunswick has to offer.

We’ve posted some must-see photographs of Moncton before, but this next YouTube video is a slideshow of some beautiful photos shot all around New Brunswick (and something tells me the photographer likes flowers).

If you’re a hunter and want a little taste of nostalgia, have a look at this next video of some guys back in 1905 moose hunting (they bag their first moose about 8 minutes into the video).

This next video introduces you to fly fishing on the Miramichi River with Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures. This place offers some great opportunities for anyone wanting to learn how to fly fish and to catch some wild Atlantic salmon. Fly fishing isn’t only for the guys either. Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures offer a ladies fly fishing school and, as one woman says in this video, fly fishing “will teach you a lot of patience.” Something every woman could use more of, right?

The following video shows some fantastic photos of some of New Brunswick’s beaches (St. Martin’s Beach and the Fundy Trail). Speaking of beaches, did you know that New Brunswick has some of the warmest waters north of Virginia? Yep, you can learn more by reading Top 7 Beaches to Visit in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is full of super cool, natural phenomena’s. The following video shows you the Reversing Falls and explains what makes these waters flow backwards.

Why do you love living in New Brunswick? What makes this province special to you? Got a video you want to share that illustrates why New Brunswick is a great place to live or visit? Let us know by leaving a comment below!