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Choosing the Light for You!


“Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.”

–Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer

Sometimes we put light in the dark. We get preoccupied with carefully selecting the most  suitable furniture and wall colours and leave this “enormously important” element for the end! Although a good couch or rug can dramatically change the vibe of a room, lighting will make the biggest difference at the end of the day (literally). Think about how you feel in a dimly lit coffee shop compared to a café with natural lighting. Where would you rather meet with a friend? Are you more productive with brighter lighting?

Whether you’re choosing lighting for the first time or looking for a cost-effective reno, light is enormously important! Here are a few tips to help you choose appropriate lighting for your taste and space!

When shopping for lighting, you essentially have 3 styles to choose from: contemporary/modern, traditional, and transitional. The style you choose is really a matter of personal preference. Each style can be manipulated to achieve the appropriate atmosphere for your room.

Contemporary/modern is characterized by clean, minimalistic design and draws from vintage elements.

Traditional lighting consists of lighting from a time period in the past (ie. Victorian or Colonial). These lights are often surrounded by extremely detailed wood or metal.

Transitional lighting is marked by very simple curved lines.

1.0 Contemporary Lighting

 1.1 Modern Lighting

1.2 Traditional Lighting

1.3 Transitional Lighting

 Once you’ve settled on a style, your next task is to decide the tone you would like to set: warm or cool.

 Warm colours describes more saturated shades and often incorporates the colours of fire. If you’re looking for a space to unwind, cozy up, or entertain, warm colours are (usually) preferred.

Cool colours are associated with productivity, relaxation (lavender) and cooler temperatures. A cooler room is often created by maximizing natural light or staging it with fluorescent lights.

When it comes to lighting, warm colours are achieved by using less light. Choose shades with opaque (not entirely clear) glass or with wood-like shades to restrict the amount of light emitted.

 To achieve cooler lighting, let more light through your fixtures. This can be done by using clear glass or lightly coloured, thin shades. More opaque fixtures can be used with brighter bulbs to achieve cooler lighting.


Lastly, don’t leave out lamps! Lamps can cozy up a cool warm in the evening, but they can also “cool down” a warmer coloured room to increase productivity! Large, bright lamps–like the floor lamps below–can really brighten up your room!  While, smaller and darker lamps (shades or bulbs) can add a touch of heat!

I hope this helps you narrow down the appropriate lighting for your space.  Let us know what type of lighting you prefer!

Colour Palette of the Month: January

  “The seasons remind me that I must keep changing” –Donald Miller

With cold toes and the heat turned up, I can’t keep myself  from browsing travel sites and dreaming of a place where the sun fades the walls and doors lead to the ocean. However, with so many things I love being in the Maritimes, I can’t just take off to South America every time my wool socks aren’t doing the trick! That being said, it’s not quite so crazy to dream of a sun-kissed reno. This palette is inspired by the faded, yet vibrant, shades of the warmer parts of our world.

I couldn’t help being a little envious when I saw these stunning kitchens. First of all, I LOVE exposed beams, but the turquoise is so unexpected! These warm, neutral palettes come to life with splashes of colour in places you might not instinctively think of.

If you’re the type who wants the whole world in your living room, have it! Imagine sitting across the room dreaming of adventures to come!   Lots of full wall murals are available on the internet! You can order one of a map from Home Depot Here! If you’re not quite so adventurous, how about a dark teal wall? This colour takes an exotic twist when paired with detailed patterns, off-whites, and deep brown accents.

As much as I am wanting to reno my entire house in this palette, it makes an amazing bedroom for any age. The colours provide a good balance of both warm and cool colours. Another awesome feature, is that the teal works as either a wall colour or the accent colour. When teal is used as the backdrop, light, airy decor and a splash of coral keeps the room from being overwhelming. On the other hand, if you choose teal as your accent colour, you can be pretty bold! The gradient dresser would add a super stylish and fun touch to a guest room!

What do you think? Should the East Coast dream of Cape Town?