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4 Signs That Your New Build Will Go Over Budget

Nobody wants their new home build to go over budget.

You hire a builder, they quote you a price, they build the house, final bill comes in… Notwithstanding new items that you chose to add or upgrade along the way, the final cost should be the same as the contract price.

Should be. A home-builder, after all, does this for a living.  You, the client, have likely never priced a home in your life and you’re trusting your builder to do it for you- accurately and without surprises.

But we’ve all heard the stories.  You have that friend, cousin, workmate that built a house and ended up paying way more than they were quoted.  This happens all of the time and it shouldn’t… going over budget is avoidable and should be a focus of any solid home builder worth working with.

If you’re about to get into a contract with a builder, make sure that you look for the following signs to ensure that your home will cost what you’re builder says that it will.

4 Signs That Your New Build Will Go Over Budget

Your Builder Is The Cheapest

You’ve done your homework & met with multiple builders.  You’ve probably narrowed it down to 3 or 4 builders that you like/trust and had them price the home.  So where did the pricing come in?

I’m going to let you in on an industry secret… if the builders priced the exact same quality of materials and finishes, their prices should be extremely close.  Extremely.  After all, they’re sourcing material and labor from the same region.

If you’re finding that one builder is significantly cheaper than the others, chances are very good that they are planning on using cheaper materials.  There’s nothing wrong with that, you think, until you find out that your kitchen allowance will not cover that “painted, cabinets-to-the-ceiling” dream you’ve been coveting on Houzz.

Your Builder Doesn’t “Get” Your Vision

You’re planning 10 foot ceilings, a double-sided fireplace and custom woodwork throughout.  Is your builder thinking 8 foot ceilings, non-existent fireplace and mini-baseboards? Communication is key and it is impossible for the builder to price something that you’ve never discussed.

Prior to pricing your plan, your builder should be asking you extremely detailed questions about the finish that you want in the home.  If they don’t include these items when pricing upfront, these items will become upgrades and will drive you over budget in no-time at all.

Your Builder Only Builds “A Few Homes Per Year”

Maybe they told you that you will get a more custom experience because you’re 1 of 3 projects… Perhaps, the owner of the company himself will be able to be on the job-site every day… Heck, he may even do the finish work himself! Great…. or, is it?

First, there’s buying power… Obviously, Wal*Mart buys better than Joe’s Convenience.  Shocker.  Similarly, home-builders are rewarded by vendors based on volume.  The builder who builds 3 homes a year is simply not getting the same pricing as the builder who builds 50.

Next comes the issue of limited experience.  20 years of home-building experience, building 3 homes/year = 60 homes built.  10 years experience at 50 homes/year= 500 homes built.  The builder that is more active is much more likely to be current on trends and customer wants (aka. more likely to know that you want an open-concept floor plan instead of the halls & walls of yesteryear).

Your Builder Did Not Give You A Detailed List Of What They Priced

Whether your builder is a relative stranger or your second cousin, you need to get a detailed list of what’s included in a quoted price.  This is not negotiable.  Not requiring this level of detail of your builder is giving up too much control and allows the builder to decide what is (or isn’t) included on whim.

Having a detailed list of inclusions creates accountability.  Always ensure that the inclusions are added to your contract, making them part of a legally binding document.


If your home builder is demonstrating these signs, talk to him about budget & share your concerns.  Cross-reference your wishlist with the pricing specs.  Ask for past references and find out what their experience was like.  Only when your builder demonstrates to you that these items are taken care of, should you move forward with a contract.

If you have any questions about staying on budget throughout your build, shoot us an email to natalie@themartellexperience.com.  We’d be happy to help out!

5 Famous Monctonians

Antonine MailletThe Honourable Antonine Maillet in 1984

Moncton has been the home of a number of notable people. Here is a small sample:


Russ Howard

Russ Howard (born 1956) is a two time world champion and Olympic gold medallist men’s curler. Howard has been to the Brier 14 times and won twice. He is also a 2-time world champion, winning in 1987 and 1993. In 2006, Howard was a member of the Canadian team that won a gold medal tat the Turin Winter Olympic, the first time that a Canadian team had won the gold medal for men’s curling. Howard, who turned 50 during the Olympics, is the oldest Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal.

In 2006, Howard was inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame. Hecurrently lives in Moncton and curls at Curling Beausejour. In 2007 he published his autobiography Hurry Hard: the Russ Howard Story.


Antonine Maillet

Antonine Maillet (born 1929) is an Acadian novelist, playwright, and scholar. She was born in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. Early in her career she was a a scriptwriter and broadcaster for Radio-Canada in Moncton. Antonine Maillet is one of the best-known Canadian writers on both the national and the international scene. Most of her writing focuses on Acadian people and culture.

She is a recipient of the Order of Canada and the first non-French winner of the “Prix Goncourt“, the highest honour in francophone literature. Maillet was Chancellor of the Université de Moncton from 1989-2001.


Northrop Frye

Herman (“Norrie”) Northrop Frye (1912-1991) was considered one of the most influential literary critics and theorists of the 20th century. Frye’s contributions to cultural and social criticism spanned a long career during which he earned widespread recognition and received many honours. He gained international fame with his first book, Fearful Symmetry (1947). His lasting reputation rests principally on the theory of literary criticism that he developed in Anatomy of Criticism (1957).

Frye was raised in Moncton ands retained close ties to the city throughout his life. Hr continues to be a prominent figure in Moncton culture, with The Frye Festival, an annual literary festival bearing his name. Northrop Frye School in Moncton was also named in his honour.


Robb Wells

Robb Wells (born 1971) is a Canadian actor and screenwriter who portrayed Ricky on the Trailer Park Boys television series. Wells was born in Moncton where his dad worked as a civilian officer in charge of the RCMP Forensic Crime Lab, but moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia when he was eight years old. In 2006, The Globe and Mail revealed that Wells is a distant cousin of  Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


Romeo LeBlanc 

Roméo-Adrien LeBlanc (1927 – 2009) was a Canadian journalist, politician, and statesman. He was born and raised in nearby Memramcook. Leblanc was elected to the House of Commons in 1972, and served as a minister of the Crown until 1984, when he was appointed to Canada’s Senate and named Speaker.

In 1994 he was named the 25th Governor General of Canada, where he was praised for opening up Rideau Hall to ordinary Canadians and tourists alike. Throughout his life, LeBlanc was viewed as a role model for Acadians, and was complimented for having drawn the attention of the country to Acadian history and culture. LeBlanc died of Alzheimer’s disease on June 24, 2009.


Moncton’s Weather: Everything You Need To Know


Photograph by Stephen Downes on Flickr

Many people think that Moncton’s climate is maritime-like, similar to most cities located in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  After all, it is close to the Bay of Fundy and the Northumberland Strait. However, the city’s weather tends to be continental during most of the year.

Climatologists consider Moncton to have a “warm summer continental” or “Hemiboreal” climate with uniform precipitation distribution.  The city enjoys almost 2,000 hours of sunshine each year (40% of daylight hours), and just over 1,000 cm of precipitation.


Moncton summer tend to be pleasantly warm—perfect weather for lounging on the patio deck.  Daytime highs average around 25 °C (77 °F) but can exceed 30 °C (86 °F) a few days each year.  The higher (and more humid) temperatures are the result of seasonal prevailing westerly winds that strengthen the continental tendencies of the summer climate. Rainfall is generally modest, especially in late July and August.


Autumn is the season that Moncton most resembles it’s maritime neighbors.  This is influenced by the retention of heat in the nearby Gulf of St. Lawrence. As a result, daytime temperatures remain mild until mid October. The first snowfalls do not usually occur until mid November. However,  any delay in snowfall is more than made up for by the seasonal storms that hit the city in late fall. The stormiest weather of the year occur during the transition to winter between mid-December and mid-January.


Winter days in Moncton are cold—but they’re usually sunny!  Daytime temperatures hover just below the freezing point. However there are several cold snaps each winter when temperatures fall to -25 °C (-13 °F) or colder. Balancing these are a handful of “January thaws” each year when considerable snow melt can occur. Major snowfalls can result from nor’eastersocean storms moving up the coast following the jet stream from the southeastern United States. These storms can result in heavy precipitation, often amplified by “sea effect” snow squall activity.


Spring traditionally comes late to Moncton. This is because the sea ice that forms in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the winter takes time to melt, cooling the prevailing onshore winds.  Over the course of the last decade, however, the ice burden in the Gulf has diminished considerably.  As a result, the springtime cooling effect has significantly weakened. Daytime temperatures above freezing are typical by mid March. Trees are usually in full leaf by the end of May.

And remember, if you don’t like the weather here, just wait a minute…it’ll change.

Party at Your Place! We’re Paying!

Housewarming Party

We’re footing the bill for our clients who have just moved into their new Martell home and intend on having a housewarming party.

MHB 2010 Client Appreciation Day

Yep, that’s right. We like our clients so much we don’t just love ‘em and leave ‘em. Martell Home Builders client benefits extend way beyond having the awesomest home ever (for example, check out the photos from our client appreciation day)! We know how much our clients are loving their new home and how incredibly likely it is that they’ll be inviting all their friends and family over so they can show off the best house in the neighbourhood, so we thought we’d help pay for the housewarming party!

All they need to do is invite the Martell Home Builders team (because we like to par-tay!), keep the receipts, and whatever is spent on food and entertainment up to $100, we’ll pay them back! The only stipulation to this is alcohol; sorry guys, but thanks to legal mumbo-jumbo we can’t open our wallets to that.

MHB Client Appreciation Day

What does your builder do for you?

What are some of the cool things you’ve heard of home builders doing for their clients? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

Six Most Expensive Pieces of (Residential) Land in Moncton

Home for Sale


Thinking about purchasing a house in Moncton, New Brunswick and plan to spend a couple mil? If you’ve got the money, but haven’t considered the prospect of calling Moncton home, check out Why the City of Moncton, NB Rocks! And, if you’re planning on moving here, after purchasing one of these houses, it might not be a bad idea to have a look at 10 New Brunswick Companies that Create Jobs – you’ll need to pay that mortgage somehow!

So, without further ado, here’s a look at six of the most expensive pieces of residential land in Moncton currently on the market (listed from the least expensive to the most costly; clicking on the price will bring you to its MLS page):

1. For Sale: $1,200,000.00

This piece of property is 32 years old and is located at 124 Queensway Drive. The house is 5700 square feet and has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and an impressive 12 acres of land.

124 Queensway Drive

2. For Sale: $1,299, 000

This gorgeous home is only 6 years old and is located at 10 Mayfair, Riverview. This place boasts a whopping 9000 square feet (seriously!), has 18 foot ceilings, and is positioned on nearly 2 acres of land. Although this home is only second on our list of the most expensive pieces of residential land in Moncton, I certainly wouldn’t complain if I was handed the keys to this place!

10 Mairfair

3. For Sale: $1,495,000

It just keeps getting better and better. This dream home is also only 6 years old and is located at 57 Rossmount Terrace. With nearly 10,000 square feet of living space – including a 2,000 square foot pool house! – this home has just as many bathrooms as it does bedrooms (6) and also includes a theatre and gym.

57 Rossmount Terrace

4. For Sale: $1,499,000

Just 4 years old, this 6400 square foot home has just a whisker under 1.5 acres of land. Located at 590 Shediac Road, you’ll find all the features you’re looking for, everything from his & hers walk-in closets in the master suite, to a to-die-for kitchen that has two islands, granite countertops, and a walk-in pantry.

590 Shediac Road

5. For Sale: $1,990,000

This 6080 square foot bungalow is 7 years old and is located at 369 Rogers Road in Berry Mills. This home has so much to offer, you definitely need to check out its MLS page for full details. To sum it up ever so slightly, it has an incredible 157 acres of land, indoor pool, 6 bay garage, surveillance cameras, driveway optics … the list just goes on and on.

369 Rogers Road

6. For Sale: $2,400,000

And finally, the most expensive residential property currently for sale in Moncton is located just a few minutes from downtown at 421 and 419 Charles Lutes Road. The reason for the double address is because in addition to the 6027 square foot home, there is also a 5000 square foot office building. This home is on 42 acres of land that includes a 2 acre man-made lake. Check out the MLS page for all the details.

421 and 419 Charles Lutes Road

Which is your favourite?

Which of these properties do you like the most, and why? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Poll: What’s The Best Restaurant in Moncton for a Romantic Date?

Best Restaurants for a Romantic Date in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Based on inviting atmospheres, excellent food, and even affordable prices – who doesn’t love a cheap date? – here are 5 of the best restaurants in Moncton to visit on a romantic date. Vote on your favourite in the poll below!

In alphabetical order:

City Grill

130 Westmorland Street

Moncton, New Brunswick

E1C 5B2

Phone: (506) 857-8325

Email: info@citygrill.ca


897 Main Street

Moncton, New Brunswick

E1C 1G5

Phone: (506) 382-4299

Little Louis’

245 Collishaw Street

Second Floor

Moncton, New Brunswick

E1C 9P9

Phone:  (506) 855-2022

Email: dining@littlelouis.ca

Pastalli Pasta House

611 Main Street

Moncton, New Brunswick

E1C 1C9

Phone:  (506) 383-1050

St. James Gate

14 Church Street

Moncton, New Brunswick

E1C 4Y9

Phone: (506)388-4238

Email: info@hotelstjames.ca

Does the name ring a bell? That could be because we’ve talked about these guys before in Why the City of Moncton, NB rocks!



Make sure to leave a comment letting us know why your choice is the best restaurant in Moncton for a romantic date!

Why the City of Moncton, NB Rocks!

Moncton New Brunswick Canada Flags


If you are a resident of Moncton, New Brunswick, you obviously already know why the city of Moncton is the best place on earth. If, however, you’re considering visiting this beautiful “hub of the Maritimes” – as Steve Clerke from Gifts Galore so accurately describes Moncton in the video below – or are even thinking about moving to Moncton, here are just a few reasons why the city of Moncton, NB rocks!

Check it out:

If you’re interested in any of the local businesses mentioned in this video, you can visit their website by clicking on their name below. Company information has been copied from their website:

L’Hôtel St. James

Email: info@hotelstjames.ca

L’Hotel St. James is situated in the heart of downtown Moncton, only minutes from the city’s major commercial, shopping, and entertainment centres.

L’Hotel St. James caters to the needs of vacationers and business travellers alike, by providing unique accommodations, modern amenities, and on-site access to St. James’ Gate restaurant and bar. Featuring live music and award-winning cuisine in an inviting atmosphere.

Pump House Brewery

Email: pumphousebrewery@rogers.com

The Pump House Brewery today is a group of beer brewing and bar/catering business, it was opened as a brewpub in downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in 1999 by the co-owners Shaun Fraser, a local fire department chief, and his wife Lilia, both have since won outstanding entrepreneurships for their remarkable success. They debuted in style on New Year’s Eve with the first new beer of the Millenium. The Brewpub grew so popular that expansion was necessary. In July 2002, a brewing/bottling plant was built outside the city centre and production began in the same year. A gausthaus/restaurant was also established later on the plant site, called the Barn Yard BBQ.

Moncton Tourism Information

Email: tourism@moncton.ca

Welcome to Moncton, Canada’s most polite and honest city (Readers Digest, 2008). We can’t wait for you to discover Moncton’s beautiful downtown core, our greatest attractions and help you plan your vacation! Whether you’re interested in flying high through the trees at TreeGo, an aerial obstacle course, taking in part of the thriving cultural scene, or prefer to keep your feet on the ground walking the beautiful trails in one of our many parks, Moncton will not fail to impress.

Gifts Galore

Phone: 506-857-9179

Gifts Galore is Greater Moncton’s Premiere gift idea headquarters. With close to 20 years experience and a reputation of providing their clients with not just great customer service but the ability to give their clientele the best customer experience, we’ll ensure that you leave with a smile on your face.

… and of course, we can’t forget who made the video …


Want to know the best months for skiing in British Columbia, golfing in Saskatchewan or harvesting maple syrup in Québec? When it comes to what the seasonal weather will be like when you visit, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also find information on current passport and visa requirements, Canadian public holidays, banking hours, currency matters, travel insurance tips, where to book accommodations online and more.

Start planning your visit to Canada today. Here you’ll find all the practical resources, tools, information and tips you’ll need.

Moncton New Brunswick Skyline


Why do you love the city of Moncton?

If you live in Moncton, what are your favourite things to do or see here? What would you recommend to tourists who are thinking about visiting?

If you’ve visited Moncton in the past, what makes you want to come back again?

Leave a comment to share your favourite things about Moncton, NB.

Oh, and here are a few of our other blog posts on local coolness that you should definitely take a look at; just more reasons why Moncton, New Brunswick totally rocks!

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