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Know Moncton: The Jitter Bean Cafe

Maybe you’re new to Moncton and maybe you’ve lived here your whole life. Either way, there are always places you’re not going that you should be. These places are the hidden treasures.

One of Moncton’s newest “hidden treasures” can be found at 1690 Mountain road, the Jitter Bean Cafe (JBC). And we think you should check it out.This is the perfect cafe for professionals looking to get a healthy lunch, have a casual work meeting, or enjoy a delicious treat. The cafe prides itself in serving only fair trade coffees and teas, buying local, and offering health alternatives like hummus, veggies, gluten free and multigrain options.

Their menu is diverse like their clientel and includes beverages (coffees, teats, lattes, etc), treats (cakes, muffins, cookies),  lunch items (panini etc), and crepes which are the newest addition to the JBC menu!

One of my favorite things when I checked out the Jitter Bean Cafe was the atmosphere. Clean, modern, and inviting the JBC will make you feel comfortable the second you walk through the door.  There’s just something about mod lamps, black countertops, and turquoise walls that make this cafe a unique find. It’s the perfect blend of chic and modern.

Things to Try: It can be scary checking out somewhere new and so to both ease the process and  help you widen your cafe horizons, here are our recommendations:

The Jitter Bean Latte – This caramel chocolate latte with caramel drizzle and chocolate shavings is the perfect treat (seriously, I tried it and will definitely be getting it again).

The Margarita Chicken Panini – This delicious and nutritious lunch is a favorite among JBC customers. Grilled chicken, homemade tomato pesto, roasted red peppers, and lettuce make this the food to try.

For more information about the Jitter Bean Cafe (like their hours) check out there Facebook page here.

What do you think is Moncton’s hidden treasure?