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3 Easter Crafts for Your Family!

Holidays are special because they allow us time with the ones we love the most. For a lot of us, this means being able to spend time with our children. This Easter get creative with your family and enjoy some fun! Here are 3 crafts that you can do with your children this Easter holiday season:

1. The Bunny Mask!

Become a family of bunnies with these fun and furry masks! For more info on how to make this great craft click here


2. Easter Egg Basket


Put your hands to work – literally! This craft is easy for younger children and will look great on your fridge! For more information click here


3. Bunny Chair Cover

Sitting becomes hopping when you put this bunny chair cover on. Make this even more fun by customizing each of the bunnies to look like each of your family members! For more info on how to make this craft click here.

 What will you be doing with your family this Easter?

MarTwixer “Tweet Up” a Success!

MarTwixer Tweet Up July 2010

On July.10th we hosted our very first “tweet up”. If you aren’t up on the current social networking lingo, a “tweet up” is a real-life social event where Twitter users get together. Some tweet ups take place in coffee shops, others in local parks. We hosted ours at the Martell cottage in Point du Chene.

MarTwixer Tweet Up  Location July 2010

We dubbed our gathering MarTwixer. Why? Our super brilliance allowed us to come up with the name by blending a bunch of relevant words together: Martell (Mar) with Twitter + mixer (Twixer). Tada! MarTwixer is born!

Martell Home Builders Tweet Up July 2010

So, as other tweet ups inevitably happened around the world where people probably drank too-strong, over-priced coffees and nibbled on stale baked goods while politely dabbing their lips with a napkin, we mingled outside and cooked meat over an open flame. Oh yeah! We had some good laughs and are thinking we definitely need to do this again.

Mmmm ... meat

Mmmm ... meat

If you aren’t following us on Twitter yet, please do! Here’s a link to our Twitter profile, as well as everyone who attended the MarTwixer:
















@rhondacallow (okay, she wasn’t at the MarTwixer, but that’s not her fault. She’s the one writing this blog post, but is stuck on the Pacific Coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island. Don’t hold it against her! She really wanted to be there!)

MHB MarTwixer Tweet Up July 2010

For those of you who were at the MarTwixer, leave a comment letting us know what you thought the best part of the tweet up was. For those who didn’t or couldn’t attend, let us know if you’d be interested in attending one in the future. To see more photos from the MarTwixer, we’ve got a few posted on our Facebook page, and Marc Grandmaison has a bunch here (which is where all the great images posted here came from).

Martell Home Builders MarTwixer Tweet Up July 2010