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Know Moncton: Wildflower Photography

Capturing your family is an important part of making memories. While there has been a big boom in amateur photography over the past several years, getting professional family portraits done is still an important part of documenting that wonderful family that you have! While there are many wonderful photographers in Moncton we want to highlight for you our favorite local photographer, Steph MacKenzie at Wildflower Photography!

Stephaine MacKenzie

Although Steph has been heavily involved with photography since 2007, it was only 2 shorts months ago that she decided to follow her dream by leaving her job at an assistant manager and launching her photography business full time. That’s courage.

That’s not the only big change that’s been happening in this woman’s life, she’s also a recent newlywed to her husband Tyler. Steph tears up when she describes her husband. It has really been through his love, support, and encouragement that she’s been able to do all that she’s done in the past few months.

Although Steph loves shooting anything and anyone, she has a real passion for capturing families. The love for families shows through in her images which are full of natural emotion, fun, and life that you just don’t get in a Sears-portrait-studio setting.

You may be wondering.. How do we know Steph? We built her house! Her favorite part of her Martell Semi-Detached home is the kitchen and the walkin pantry. We were so happy to work on Steph’s home and are glad that she loves it as much as we do!

One of Steph’s passions is the mission of  ”recapturing beauty”. It’s this passion that drives her “Wildflower Project” which seeks to redefine what beauty is. The format of the project is simple, for every paid session that Steph does she gives one away to a woman (or women) in the community. These free sessions though are not your typical photoshoot. These photoshoots have no makeup or hairstyling … no ‘extras’. Dressed in a simple black T-shirt these community women are challenged to be representatives of true beauty. Beauty, Steph explains, isn’t in the external, it’s the internal. She really wants these women to be an example that beauty is in everyone and to encourage women everywhere to see themselves as beautiful.

Anyone can apply be a part of the Wildflower Project. To apply fill out the form here.

To check out more of Steph’s work and to learn about her projects, pricing, and more check out her facebook page here and her website here

Tips For Family Portraits


A house becomes a home when there are images of you and your loved ones on the walls. Getting family portraits can be a struggle though because of pressures on time and money. If you have managed to get the time do portraits done this season you want to make sure that you get the best end product possible. To help you do just that, here are some tips about how you make the most of your family portrait session and be proud of the pictures on your walls.

1. Avoid Sunny Days – If you’re just taking some pictures yourself because of time/money constraints you MAY think that a bright sunny day is the perfect time to take a beautiful outdoor portrait… you would be mistaken! In truth, the best time to take an outdoor portrait is on an overcast day. This way you avoid shadows and harsh lighting that will leave your portraits blotchy and over-exposed!

2. Coordinate, Don’t Match – While there are exceptions to every rule, in general pictures where everyone is matching exactly can look pretty cheesy. To avoid this instead of prescribing the same outfit for each person, choose a color palette (ex: navy, red. white, and beige) and let each person put their own personal style into it. This way your family looks coordinated but not corny. This also allows for the display of individual personality which will make the pictures much more nostalgic in the future.

3. Match Your location – Location can be extremely important if you’re doing non-studio pictures. Whether you choose and indoor or outdoor location there are a couple of things to keep in mind. a) choose a location that means something to your family or that suits your family’s style! These pictures should be reflective of you! b) match your outfits to you location. For example, if you’re doing pictures in a field you may want to go for more “natural” looks whereas if you choose an urban area you may want to spice things up with more urban looks.

4. Relax – You can’t fake being relaxed so you really need to actually be relaxed. Family pictures should be natural and fun just like you are in real life! Kick some of that stress by taking time to chat and hang out with your kids before picture time. Prepping details beforehand will also help decrease day-of stress.