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5 Great Reasons to Live in Miramichi

Miramichi! The city that is super fun to say, semi-fun to spell, and even more fun to visit!  Have you ever considered living in Miramichi? Martell is so proud to be building homes for families in its neighborhood, so we decided to put together what some residents have deemed the top 5 reasons to live in the ‘chi!



photo cred: Anthony Munn, Miramichi Resident

1. Friendly Neighbours

Every single person I talked to said that,  hands down, the top reason to live in Miramichi is the people.

“The people are incredibly nice – more than anywhere else I have lived”-Amy Pike

2. Great food!

While pretty much any city has a wide variety of restaurants, Miramichi boasts some pretty darn delicious local eateries. Sure, they have a few chains like Boston Pizza, Jungle Jim’s, and Mike’s, but they also are home to some “hidden” treasures like Etsy’s Fish & Chips and Cunnard’s Chinese Restaurant. If your more interested in a watering hole, O’Donaghue’s Pub is a local favourite! To top off all the great dining experiences, Patty Cake’s Bakery has some of the tastiest, artsiest, cupcakes around! You’ll never be hungry if your hanging around this city!

3. Cultural Feast

If your taste buds don’t go nuts here, your eyes just might! Miramichi is located right on the riverbank and filled with tons of culture!  Richie Wharf features a wide variety of talent from the area and abroad on a regular basis. Check the schedule right here! The wharf also has a boardwalk with delicious ice cream, gift shops, a fun playground with a splash pad, and even boat rides!

In addition to the wharf, the community has taken it upon themselves to host musicians in their homes! Last week, Jon Bryant-who hails from Halifax-played a house show with 50 in attendance! The hosts had to turn people away for fire regulations!



4. Employment

For those of you already into or starting to get into a trade in agriculture or forestry, Miramichi is one of the top places to find employment. If you Google photos of Miramichi, it won’t be hard to figure out why. The location is right smack in the middle of some amazing ecosystems and lush forests. If forestry is not your thing, there are lots of other types of jobs open at the moment! Take a look right here!

5. A  community of folklore

The Dungarvon Hooper, might scare some people around, but most people find it adds a really unique cultural flare! Legend has it, that a young Irish cook, often referred to as Ryan,  moved to a lumber camp located somewhere along, or very near to, the Dungarvon River, bringing all of his possessions with him, including a money belt. While the lumberjacks were out, Ryan is left alone with the boss of the camp, who murders and robs him. When the crew returns, the boss explains that the cook had taken sick and died suddenly. They then bury the body in the forest some distance from the camp. However, a terrible “whooping” sound keeps the group from falling asleep that night, presumably the ghost of Ryan crying out against the crime of which he was the victim. Scared, the men flee the camp the next morning.dungarvon_whooper


If you’ve been to the city or live there, let us know why you enjoy it!

10 New Brunswick Companies That Create Jobs

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is home to over 750,000 people. But what is the economy like?  Wikipedia sums up New Brunswick’s economy quite well:

New Brunswick’s urban areas have modern, service-based economies dominated by the health care, educational, retail, finance, and insurance sectors. These sectors are reasonably equitably distributed in all three principal urban centres. In addition, heavy industry and port facilities are found in Saint John; Fredericton is dominated by government services, universities, and the military; and Moncton has developed as a commercial, retail, transportation, and distribution centre with important rail and air terminal facilities.

The rural primary economy is best known for forestry, mining, mixed farming, and fishing.

Forestry is important in all areas of the province, but especially in the heavily forested central regions. There are many sawmills in the smaller towns and several large pulp and paper mills located in Saint John, Miramichi, Nackawic, and Edmundston.

Heavy metals, including lead and zinc, are mined in the north around Bathurst. One of the world’s largest potash deposits is located in Sussex; a second potash mine, costing over a billion dollars, is in development in the Sussex region. Oil and natural gas deposits are also being developed in the Sussex region.

Farming is concentrated in the upper Saint John River valley (in the northwest portion of the province), where the most valuable crop is potatoes. Mixed and dairy farms are found elsewhere, but especially in the southeast, concentrated in the Kennebecasis and Petitcodiac river valleys.

The most valuable fish catches are lobster, scallops and king crab. The farming of Atlantic salmon in the Passamaquoddy Bay region is an important local industry.

The largest employers in the province are the Irving group of companies, several large multinational forest companies, the government of New Brunswick, and the McCain group of companies.


Okay, so in addition to working for the government, forestry sector, Irving and McCain, what other New Brunswick companies create jobs? Here is a list of a few (including a few already mentioned):

  1. Irving
  2. McCain
  3. New Brunswick Public Service
  4. Horizon Health Network
  5. NB Power
  6. Department of Education
  7. University of New Brunswick
  8. CFB Gagetown
  9. Maple Leaf Foods
  10. Ganong 

New Brunswick Public Service Jobs

Something else you might be interested in reading is the 2010 winners for the Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers. If you’re an Atlantic Canadian company who would like to be considered for future competitions, you can get more details and an application form from the link just provided.

Do you know a New Brunswick company that is great to work for (no brown-nosing your boss here!) or one that helps create local jobs? Let us know by commenting below!

New Brunswick Labour Force Statistics