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Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

♫♪ O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! Much money you have cost me!♫♪ If you’re sick and tired of forking out a large portion of your hard earned money on holiday decorating, or you simply can’t afford it in the first place, check out these inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas.

Does the thought of making credit card payments well into the summer months just so you can add some holiday cheer to you home sicken you? Do you look at the price of Christmas decorations and think you might need to take out a second mortgage in order to add a little festiveness to your home décor? That might be a slight overstatement, but is it really that far from the truth? Christmas has become so commercialized, retail businesses have more than just visions of sugar plums dancing through their heads; you so much as think the word holiday and they’re seeing dollar signs. Well, holiday decorating doesn’t need to be expensive and cutting back on how much you spend doesn’t mean your home will resemble the infamous Charlie Brown Christmas tree, here are some great inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


Ornaments for the tree – Purchasing ornaments for the tree can get expensive, and homemade ornaments add a personal touch anyway. So whether you have kids or are a bachelor, try your hand at making some of your own. There are plenty of websites that offer easy instructions on how to make a variety of ornaments, one such place is KABOOSE, check it out.

Popcorn garland – This is perhaps one of the best and most inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas on this list, and it’s also extremely versatile since you can add other things besides the popcorn. Thread some dental floss or fishing line through a sewing needle, and then thread it through air-popped popcorn (hold the butter) to make the garland. You can add other things to the string of garland to add colour and texture, such as cranberries or cereal (Froot Loops or Cheerios work well). This is a great project for kids too, just make sure you make enough popcorn, as I’m sure some will end up in the mouth and not on the string.

Paper garland – Another holiday decorating idea that’s inexpensive, or free depending on what supplies you have on hand, is paper garlands. All you need is red and green construction paper and tape (or a stapler). Cut the paper into strips about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. Create a ring by taping or stapling the two ends of a strip of paper together. Put the next strip of paper through your ring and attach the ends together as you did with the first ring. Continue doing this until your garland is the length you want it. Alternate the colors with each ring. You can also cut strips of Christmas wrapping paper if you don’t have any construction paper in the house.

Cookie cutter decorations – If you have holiday themed cookie cutters, you can use them two different ways for holiday decorating (in addition to their original purpose, of course!). First, you can decorate the cookie cutters with ribbon and hang them or position them around the house. Or, if you don’t like that idea or you intend on using the cookie cutters to make cookies, you can use them to make ornaments. Follow this Christmas dough recipe, use your cookie cutters to make the ornaments, and then decorate with paint, glitter, or other craft supplies you have around the house.

Empty boxes – Wrap empty boxes with Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows and place around the house. This is a great way to reuse all those empty mandarin orange boxes!

Pull out the teddy bears – Dressing up teddy bears and putting them on display can be a great inexpensive Christmas decorating idea. You can either dress them in toques, scarves, and mittens or tie some ribbon around their neck and attach a holiday bow to their head.

Displaying Christmas cards – Hang some red, green, gold, or silver ribbon horizontally across an empty wall. When you receive Christmas cards, simply put them on the ribbon as a cheap way to add some holiday decoration to your home.

Holiday Decorating

Other inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas

Some other interior Christmas decorating tips and ideas include:

  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Decorate your plants with your homemade garland and small ornaments
  • Decorate the windows (inside) and stair railings with Christmas lights, hide the wire with garland
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Wrap the pots of houseplants in wrapping paper
  • Decorate plain candles with holiday ribbon
  • Hang the stockings
  • Purchase a couple poinsettias
  • Wrap garland around picture frames and mirrors

Do you have some inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas you can share? Leave a comment to let us know! Also, if you’re looking for other Christmas-related ideas and tips, check out the following:

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