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The Best Martha Stewart Christmas Ideas

Martha Stewart Christmas Ideas

Here is your ultimate guide to Martha Stewart Christmas ideas. Everything from homemade gifts and crafts for kids to beautiful Christmas decorations and tasty holiday recipes, here is our favourite Martha Stewart Christmas ideas we just have to share with you.

It’s no secret, we love Martha Stewart and her brilliant ideas. Visiting her website, you’re provided with endless ideas on anything and everything from home decorating tips to cheap homemade Halloween costumes. So, it’s pretty much a given to expect great Martha Stewart Christmas ideas too, right? Here’s a summary of some of our favourite Christmas and holiday tips and ideas found at the Martha Stewart website.

Homemade Gifts

Decorative Decal Pillar CandlesThese beautiful candles are made from a few affordable materials you can find easily at your local craft store. Coupling these candles with the suggested decorative matchbox and you have yourself an awesome gift idea for any woman on your shopping list.

Decorative Candles

Body ScrubThis body scrub is made from only 4 ingredients and can be placed inside decorative jars to make a wonderful gift. The Martha Stewart site suggests you use canning jars but another great container you could use is glass baby food jars. This is also something that would be perfect to add to a gift basket for a teenage girl, woman, or anyone else who appreciates a good soak in the tub. If you’re looking for gift basket ideas, be sure to check out these themed gift basket ideas as well as these tips on how to make your own gift basket.

Body Scrub

Dog-Cleanup BagsIf you’re not a dog owner, you might not value the importance of a good poop bag carrier. Nothing is worse than having your dog squat on somebody’s lawn only to discover you’ve left your poop bags at home – talk about an awkward situation! This homemade gift idea provides you with instructions on how to make a bag that attaches to the dog’s leash that holds poop bags, so you’ll never again find yourself in a crappy situation.

Dog Poop Bag Carrier

Map CoastersThis is a wonderfully unique gift idea that is perfect for those who love travelling. You don’t need to use maps either, you could follow the directions using other images if you like – such as drawings your kid has created (perfect for grandparents!).

Map Coasters

Kids’ Christmas Crafts

Martha Stewart has an abundance of excellent Christmas crafts you can make with your kids over the holidays. You can check them out here. You’ll find instructions on everything from cute Christmas ornaments and decorations to no-sew aprons and popcorn wreaths.

More Martha Stewart Christmas Ideas

Visit this link and navigate through the options on the left to find several Martha Stewart Christmas ideas. You’ll find ideas and instructions on how to make Christmas cards, decorations, gifts, holiday recipes, and so much more.

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Are you the next Martha Stewart? Please feel free to share your brilliant holiday ideas with us or simply let us know which Martha Stewart Christmas idea is your favourite.

All images in this post are courtesy of marthastewart.com