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The Best Home Décor Gifts

Home decor gifts

Still need some ideas and inspiration on what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Check out these awesome home décor gifts that are totally worth giving!

First thing’s first

Before you rush out and buy your friends and family home décor gifts, make sure you know what their style is and what they like. Picture the colours they use in their home, as well as any theme or style each room has. Even if you think an inflatable Budweiser coin bank would look totally awesome in their living room doesn’t mean the gift recipient will feel the same way; if your friend’s living room has the whole fen shui feel goin’ on, chances are (s)he isn’t going to appreciate a gift that doesn’t match that theme.

Once you’ve established the gift recipient’s likes – and dislikes – you can start shopping. Here are some excellent home décor gifts you could consider:

1. Wall Decorations – Check out 20 Cool Wall Decorations to Impress Your Friends for a look at several great home décor gift ideas. There are ideas for every room in the house.

2. Local Art – You can support local artists by purchasing their paintings, drawings, etc. for your friends and family. 5 Talented Moncton Artists to Keep an Eye On will direct you to some amazing artists from right here in New Brunswick.

3. Bedroom Accessories – Home décor gifts for the bedroom can range from decorative lights, mirrors, candles, paintings, and everything in between. Read Impressive Ways to Enhance Your Bedroom for some excellent gift giving ideas and inspiration.

Home Decor Gifts - Ideas and Inspiration


4. Photographs – Framing photographs of local Moncton landscapes can be a unique gift idea. You can purchase a frame that matches the gift recipient’s home décor and customize its size easily. If you’re the photographer, it will also add a personal touch and, with a little creative composition and photo editing, you can create an image that really goes with their room’s colour scheme (black and white images are very popular). If you can’t find any Moncton photographs you want to use, try looking for New Brunswick photos, or images taken within Canada. Check out Must-See Photographs of Moncton, New Brunswick for some ideas.



5. Everything Martha – If you’re on a tight budget or you enjoy making homemade gifts, you gotta’ visit the Martha Stewart website! That woman has got it all! Home décor gifts are aplenty there. To start, read Home Decorating Tips by Martha Stewart – you will then be directed to the website that has every idea imaginable for every theme, colour scheme, style, and room.

Other Home Décor Gifts

Do you know of anywhere local that sells wonderful home décor gifts? Leave a comment letting us know, and don’t forget to include details on what home décor gifts you’d love to see under the Christmas tree with your name on it!