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Design Inspiration: Flooring

Brown, blue, or brick, it matters what your floors look like. Keeping your home looking fresh, modern, inviting, and clean can have a lot to do with what floorings you choose. No matter if your designing your new martell dream home or just spicing up your old one, choosing the right flooring is key.


Before choosing what type of flooring you should get, first you need to identify a feel or theme that you’re going for in the home as a whole and for the individual spaces (rustic, modern, country, etc). After you’ve chosen a theme or feel then it’s time to choose a type of flooring, will it be hardwood? Tile? Ceramic?

If you’re having a hard time choosing (and we know what a hard choice it can be!), we’ve pulled together a some images showing the different styles, themes, and types of flooring that you could be using in your home! We hope it gives you the inspiration your looking for and if you want more, check us out on Pinterest!

What Makes A House A Beautiful Home

There are many different things which make a home beautiful. Some are very contemporary while others are ancient. Some are very urban while others are rustic. And some are very spacious while others are more cottage like.

Beautiful homes have certain things in common. Exquisite materials. Attention to the small details. Thoughtful planning. Beautiful surroundings. These are all things that you must consider when planning a remodel or new construction of a home.

Exquisite Materials. This home is beautiful because of the elegant textiles in the draperies, furniture and floor coverings. The floors are of exceptional wood and the skill with which they were laid. The setting of the room makes it very warm and inviting as well.

Attention to small details. This home is beautiful in a rustic sense. The eclectic sense of the room is carefully orchestrated so that it is comfortable without crossing the line into cheap. The red dress in the art work at the rear of the room is the perfect offset to the room’s soft colors of blues, creams and whites.

Thoughtful planning. When contemporary meets classic , the outcome is beautiful in this home. The blend of the retro floors and the radiator unit with contemporary artwork, wall finishings and furniture is tied together with the ageless and timeless colors of black and white. The use of geometric shapes also blends the old with new.

Beautiful surroundings. The design of this home makes it seem as one with the water. From the outside, the materials and colors blend in, while the expansive wall of windows makes the exterior of the house the most important design element.

Whether the home is an expansive chateau or a townhouse in the suburb, pay attention to these elements of detail and your home will be beautiful, too.

What makes your home beautiful?