Save 75% or More on Your Energy Bills with an EcoPlusHome

EcoPlus-Blog2Join us on August 21st from 1-4pm to learn how you can reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions when you buy an EcoPlusHome at Sterling Meadows.

The first two EcoPlusHomes at Sterling Meadows are projected to save their owners 75% or more on their energy bills for electricity, heating, cooling and hot water than if the houses had only been built to code with lower energy efficiency (e.g. EnerGuide rating of just 69). In addition, annual projected green house gas emissions are expected to be at least 80% lower – the equivalent of taking three cars off the road each year.

With energy prices increasing every year and supply in question, these savings are compelling enough to take a closer look.

The buzzword in sustainable home construction is net-zero housing … a house that provides owners with the opportunity to use less energy than it generates. In other words, zero energy consumption from the power grid which translates into huge savings!

While “living off the grid” conjures up images of a modest dwelling beside a lake in the woods, inhabited by granola-eating tree-huggers, a net-zero home is a game changer in the sense that it offers a comfortable and viable living option that is suited for living in suburbia.

The net-zero concept depends on two key elements: the energy efficiency/generating capacity of the home, and the energy consumption patterns of the homeowners. With the potential of an EcoPlusHome, homeowners with the desire to save money and the planet can now be closer than ever to living a net-zero lifestyle within their own four walls depending on how much energy they choose to consume.

It is important to note that EcoPlusHome energy consumption, energy cost savings, and green house gas emission data are calculated using Natural Resources Canada official statistics for an average family of four (two adults, two children). These statistics also assume the EcoPlusHome uses compact fluorescent lighting and EnergyStar rated appliances.

Using advanced alternative energy solutions by Bosch, Martell Home Builders – in partnership with EcoPlusHome and Maple Leaf Homes – are building two EcoPlusHomes at Sterling Meadows (off the Old Shediac Road) with pre-construction EnerGuide ratings of 93 out of 100.

The Martell EcoPlusHome is the premier energy-efficient home on the Moncton market with a payback on a homeowner’s investment being realized in as little as five years depending on the homeowner’s energy consumption habits (and that’s based on today’s power rates).

Knowing that an investment in an EcoPlusHome will pay for itself by allowing you to continue saving on energy costs while increasing the eventual resale value of your home – which home would you choose to build or buy?

We are very excited about this project.  Please plan to come out to see it for yourself on August 21st.