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Sadly, summer vacation is nearly at an end. Time to trade in the bikinis for books, the camping for calculus, and the Speedos and swimming for another scholastic year (actually, you should trade in those Speedos anyway, regardless the reason).

Whether you’re just moving to Moncton, or you need a refresher on local school zones so you remember to hit the brakes before speeding into them, here’s some resources to help you out.

The School District 2 website has pretty much everything you need to know. There’s a School  Locator tab on the right of the main page that, when clicked, you can search for schools with either a street name or postal code. You can also click on Show all Schools for a list of, you guessed it, all schools in Moncton. What’s cool about this option is you can then click on the name of a school from the list and be provided with that particular school’s information, including start and closing times, and the school’s web page:

School Information

There’s another tab on the right of the School District 2 website called Bus Routes. The information here is supposed to be available in August (it’s not there yet).

In addition to these resources, the website also has a District Map that can be very helpful when trying to find out information about school zones. From the main page, click on the tab at the top of the page called Schools, then select District Map from the drop-down menu. You’ll be directed to a Google Map that has each school tagged with an orange marker. When you click on a marker you are provided with some basic information on that school. Click on the name of the school and you’re brought to that school’s profile where you’ll get a bunch of information about that specific school, including contact details and boundary information.

Google Map School Zones Moncton

For information on French schools, another resource you may find useful is the District scolaire 01 website (School District 01).

Are you more than ready to send the kids back to school? Tired of hearing “I’m boooored!” or “There’s nothing to do!” Are you happy to get back into the grind of things – early mornings, making lunches, homework –  or do you wish you had another month of summer?

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