Neighbourhood Feature: Wyndham Hills

Are you torn between life in the city and the country? Here’s the best of both worlds.The executive properties of Wyndham Hills offer the convenience of city life alongside the refreshing, easy-going lifestyle of the countryside.

Location: Less than ten minutes from Magnetic Hill, just off of the Homestead Rd.
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Image Source: 123TurnKey

If peace, fresh air, gorgeous views, and short commutes are on your check list for a perfect location, Wyndham Hills just might be the place to build your new home! It’s hard to believe these lots are just outside the hustle and bustle of the hub city.


School: TBA

At home, your kids will have more space to play outdoors and exercise their creativity, but it won’t be any trouble to run them into town for cheerleading camp or to catch the latest Dreamworks flick with some friends.


  • Larger lots
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Privacy–but not isolation
  • Short Commute
  • Natural Landscape

The properties of Wyndam Hills range from 1.12 acres to 5.78 acres and are priced from $65,900 to $98,900.

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