Moncton Christmas Tree PickUp: At Your Door!

Happy New Year!  Behind resolutions, goals and diets, some of us still have our big beautiful green buddies standing in our living rooms. OK… so maybe they’re not quite as big or green as they once were.  The great news is that, in this case, procrastination has paid off!  Next week, there will be Christmas tree pickup at your door!  According to the City Of Moncton website

“There is free drop-off at the Westmorland-Albert Solid Waste Corporation beginning December 27.   Info: 877-1040” OR “Residents… may set them out at the curb on their regular garbage pick-up night during the week of January 9 to 13, 2012 only. Info: 859-2643.”

Perfect! I have to admit, my tree is still standing. Is yours?