Kick Our Butt for Charity


As a team of NON-Curlers we want you to Kick Our Butt for Charity! But we’re going to demand you do it in style.

For every point you score during the game, MHB will donate $25 to Harley’s Heros

So how do you qualify to be a team that rivals *cough-cough* our mad curling skills?  Well that kind of passion and skill must be captured in a team photo!!  You can use ours as a guideline of sorts – but feel free to outdo us (it’s for the love of fun and charity – so go nuts)!

How can you qualify? Upload a photo of your team to our Facebook Fan Page (We fully expect wacky looking team photos)

What do you get out of it? We promise to feed you, and it should be good for lots of laughs

Where is this all happening? Beausejour Curling Club , 80 Lockhart Ave, Moncton, NB

When is it again? March 25th, 2011     3:30 – 7:00pm


*disclaimer*  MHB is not responsible for bruised knees or egos …all participants enter and play at their own risk.