Know Moncton: OMG Market

Get ready to rethink one-stop shopping! For years, Moncton-North has been enjoying both McBun’s and the Old Fashion Meat Market. The two stores are stocked with fresh products and friendly staff. Nothing beats McBun’s delicious peanut butter oat cakes (SO good!!!)

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 3.42.04 PM BUT it’s way more convenient to head to a one-stop shopping location where some fresh veggies are available alongside baked goods and protein!

In comes the OMG Market. Last summer Shane realized the need for a shop specializing in produce on the North end of Moncton and the location between the meat market and McBun’s seemed like a great opportunity! People in the neighbourhood (or people like me who have to drive across town!) can stop at the Valhalla Plaza and pick up their entire grocery list from local shops! 

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Shane choose the name “OMG market” after his stepmom Carolyn suggested it. Initially, the name didn’t click, but the more Shane thought about, the more sense it made. He used to work in the Moncton Industrial park and there were many days that he would have to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few items on the way home. He would drive by the Trinity Superstore and forget to stop. Once he realized, he would think, “Oh My Goodness,” I forgot to stop and get the bread, or whatever; and he’d have to turn around and fight the traffic to get back there.

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The OMG market does their best to bring in as many local products as possible. They focus on fruits and vegetables and have a variety of organic products.

In addition to produce they also carry honey from Allison, NB (near Salisbury); maple products from Elgin; apples, apple cider, jams, and jellies from Memramcook; cheese, tea, and spices from Sussex; Covered Bridge Chips from the Saint John River Valley; Coffee from Saint John; olive oils & balsamic vinegars from Europe via a St. Andrew’s distributor; hot sauce from Cardigan, PEI; and culinary wines from Shediac! They also prepare fresh salads every day at the market!

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 Over the next five years, Shane would like to see, as a minimum, two other locations open! He plans to start in either Riverview or Dieppe and possibly continue throughout the province! These shops, like the Mountain Road location, will offer a unique blend of local products in a small, cozy atmosphere, with a strong focus on customer service! OMG staff focuses on making sure every customer is welcomed and that all questions are answered before they leave! 

A few fun facts about Shane!

Q. Do you travel? Where have you been?

R. My wife and I have been travelling to the Dominican Republic every year for the last few years. We certainly enjoy our time down there. 

Q. If you could choose one vegetable or fruit that does not grow in NB to grow here, what would it be? 

R. Bananas for sure. They are a favourite of mine. 

Q.What is your favourite vacation spot in the Maritimes? 

R. My favourite vacation spot in the Maritimes has to be PEI. 

Check out the OMG market (and lots of other shops) at 1855 Mountain Rd! Let us know what you think!