Hand in Hand Lottery Wrap-Up!

martell-109With ticket sales having recently closed, time is drawing near to finding out the winners of our annual Hand in Hand Lottery. With a host of prizes available including trips, cars, and cash, la pièce de resistance this year is the gorgeous home we’ve built in the Royal Oaks neighbourhood here in Moncton.

The grand prize drawing will be July 20th, 2016 with the winner either choosing our gorgeous Royal Oaks home, or $750,000 in cash! Either way, someone’s life is going to be changed by this draw, and many lives are going to be changed by the proceeds of the lottery that will provide our city’s hospitals with the funding needed to keep our residents healthy.

lottery house diningThe Martell Dream Home located at 73 Oakcroft Crescent in Moncton NB is 3600 square feet of luxury. This is the largest Dream Home we’ve constructed, nestled on a magnificent golf course. The neighbourhood has amazing water features, and gorgeous walking trails. Add in the expertise of Josée from Azure Design using furnishings from Lounsburys and you’ve got a place to instantly call home.
The grand prize of course also has a choice. Our winner could choose the amazing home package, worth over $900,000. But they also have the option of taking $750,000 in cash. If our winner chooses the cash, you may still have a chance to own this gorgeous dream home. We really don’t want this spectacular place sitting empty, so if it’s not chosen as the grand prize, it will be on the market.

Keep your eye out July 20th to see if you’ve won. If not, you may still have a chance to own an unbelievable home in a fantastic neighbourhood.

Good luck, everyone!