ECOmmunity Update: Efficiency NB Announces First Two Homes Qualify For Net Zero Incentive

Efficiency New Brunswick Announces First Two Homes Qualify For Net Zero Incentive

Martell Home Builders’ ECOmmunity features EcoPlusHomes that have received an EnerGuide rating of 93 and have qualified for $7500 per home in rebates from the Province

ECOmmunity 93

EnerGuide rating of 93/100 is unveiled at Moncton’s ECOmmunity.  From left to right: Pierre Boudreau, Moncton City Council; Pierre Martell, CEO Martell Home Builders; Axel Lerche, President EcoPlusHomes; Jacques Roy, Maple Leaf Homes; Hector Doiron, Efficiency NB.

Moncton, NB (August 22, 2011) – Efficiency NB was onsite to launch Atlantic Canada’s first ECOmmunity of highly energy-efficient and affordable EcoPlusHomes at a public event hosted by Martell Home Builders on Sunday, August 21, 2011.

The ECOmmunity is located at the Sterling Meadows development on MacCoun Street, just off the old Shediac Road in Moncton.

Pierre Martell, the project’s general contractor stated: “Depending on homeowners energy-use habits, these homes can put money in their owners’ pockets to pay off mortgages faster than if they built a conventionally efficient home – that’s great news for home owners, and the planet.”

Each bungalow is built using two airtight modularly constructed sections from Fredericton-based Maple Leaf Homes, and is powered by the EcoPlusHome system of integrated energy systems from German renewable-energy technology leader Bosch, and include:

  • 20 photovoltaic cells to generate electricity from sunlight
  • 2 solar thermal panels to heat domestic hot water from the sun’s heat
  • 1 two-tonne geothermal heat pump to heat and cool the home using the earth’s constant temperature

The turn-key EcoPlusHome technology package is unique in North America as it integrates the three Bosch renewable-energy systems to support each other in delivering maximum energy-cost savings and GHG emission reductions to the homeowner.

“EcoPlusHome has made highly energy-efficient housing affordable, and accessible, to the public and to eco-conscious developers such as Martell who want to do good and do well,” said Alex Lerche, President, EcoPlusHome.

These homes combine a very energy efficient building envelope with high efficiency heating, ventilation and hot water systems and an alternative energy system that will produce at least 50% of the electrical energy needs for its residents.  This combination makes these houses eligible for Efficiency NB’s maximum incentive for new construction.  The Minister responsible for Efficiency NB and Minister of Energy, Craig Leonard, said they are actually the first homes to qualify for the new $7500 net zero incentive.

“These homes are the impressive result of a strong collaboration and commitment to energy efficiency and I congratulate all the parties involved,” said Leonard. “Through the work of Efficiency NB and strongly committed builders and homeowners we are raising the bar for new residential construction in New Brunswick.

Depending on the energy consumption habits of its eventual owners, the Martell ECOmmunity EcoPlusHomes have the potential to be “net-zero” meaning their photovoltaic solar panels generate at least as much electricity as the homes and their occupants consume.

Martell has applied the $7,500 rebates against the list price of each home which are currently for sale at  $279,900. The EcoPlusHome system can be configured for any new home.

The Martell Home Builders EcoPlusHome ECOmmunity will be open for public tours Sundays from 2-4pm. For a private tour please contact Natalie Davison at 506-232-1276 or