Coolest Modular Homes from Around The World

Round Modular Home


Modular homes, not to be confused with mobile homes, come in all shapes and sizes. These cost effective eco-friendly homes are becoming more and more popular with home buyers. Here’s a look at some of the coolest modular homes found all over the world.

Green Modular Homes

If you’re looking for green modular homes, check out GreenPod. This American company specialize in sustainability and energy efficiency. They even offer floating modular homes!

GreenPod Floating Pod Modular Home


Luxury Modular Homes

LivingHomes has some luxury modular homes that can even be installed in one day. These modular homes range from 1-5 bedrooms and their floor plans are customizable.

Architecture of KieranTimberlake


Modular Log Cabin Homes

Based in the UK, Finestam Log Cabins has several very attractive modular log cabin homes.

Finestam Log Cabins modular homes


Canadian Modular Homes

We couldn’t talk about the coolest modular homes in the world without mentioning Canadian Modular Homes! Some of these places are pretty impressive! One model that is especially cool is this 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom Sterling Homes model:

Two story Sterling Homes modular home

Loving the windows and decks!

Other Quality Modular Homes

Here are some images of other very cool looking modular homes:

Above Water Modular Home


Vail Grant House Modular Home


Schwimmhaus Modular Home


Modular Design


Arctic Modular Home


Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

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