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Know Moncton: OMG Market

Get ready to rethink one-stop shopping! For years, Moncton-North has been enjoying both McBun’s and the Old Fashion Meat Market. The two stores are stocked with fresh products and friendly staff. Nothing beats McBun’s delicious peanut butter oat cakes (SO good!!!)

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 3.42.04 PM BUT it’s way more convenient to head to a one-stop shopping location where some fresh veggies are available alongside baked goods and protein!

In comes the OMG Market. Last summer Shane realized the need for a shop specializing in produce on the North end of Moncton and the location between the meat market and McBun’s seemed like a great opportunity! People in the neighbourhood (or people like me who have to drive across town!) can stop at the Valhalla Plaza and pick up their entire grocery list from local shops! 

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 3.26.09 PM

Shane choose the name “OMG market” after his stepmom Carolyn suggested it. Initially, the name didn’t click, but the more Shane thought about, the more sense it made. He used to work in the Moncton Industrial park and there were many days that he would have to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few items on the way home. He would drive by the Trinity Superstore and forget to stop. Once he realized, he would think, “Oh My Goodness,” I forgot to stop and get the bread, or whatever; and he’d have to turn around and fight the traffic to get back there.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 3.35.55 PM


The OMG market does their best to bring in as many local products as possible. They focus on fruits and vegetables and have a variety of organic products.

In addition to produce they also carry honey from Allison, NB (near Salisbury); maple products from Elgin; apples, apple cider, jams, and jellies from Memramcook; cheese, tea, and spices from Sussex; Covered Bridge Chips from the Saint John River Valley; Coffee from Saint John; olive oils & balsamic vinegars from Europe via a St. Andrew’s distributor; hot sauce from Cardigan, PEI; and culinary wines from Shediac! They also prepare fresh salads every day at the market!

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 3.31.33 PM


 Over the next five years, Shane would like to see, as a minimum, two other locations open! He plans to start in either Riverview or Dieppe and possibly continue throughout the province! These shops, like the Mountain Road location, will offer a unique blend of local products in a small, cozy atmosphere, with a strong focus on customer service! OMG staff focuses on making sure every customer is welcomed and that all questions are answered before they leave! 

A few fun facts about Shane!

Q. Do you travel? Where have you been?

R. My wife and I have been travelling to the Dominican Republic every year for the last few years. We certainly enjoy our time down there. 

Q. If you could choose one vegetable or fruit that does not grow in NB to grow here, what would it be? 

R. Bananas for sure. They are a favourite of mine. 

Q.What is your favourite vacation spot in the Maritimes? 

R. My favourite vacation spot in the Maritimes has to be PEI. 

Check out the OMG market (and lots of other shops) at 1855 Mountain Rd! Let us know what you think!

Know Moncton: Clementine

If you can’t make it to Europe and happen to be in Moncton, add a stop at Clementine Café to your to-do list!

This chic café–named after owner Clement Dugas– is located at 62 Elmwood Drive in the Sunny Brae community. With many corporate coffee shops opening in the city (which we all love), Clementine offers a refreshing take on classic café items. The menu is loaded with fresh, local food and beverages ranging  from Chockpish Salad and Paninis to Cranberry-Pear Smoothies and Americanos. They do their best to shop as local and real as possible. While their speciality is espresso drinks, they (debatably) have the best coffee in town. They serve varying roasts of fresh ground, Just Us coffee (check Just Us out on our favourite things list!).

Clementine Café was originally located on St. George street, but due to issues with the building they were forced to leave. The café closed for six months and Clement was beginning to feel that he would not be able to reopen. He and his wife had moved to the Sunny Brae community and saw the potential for community development. When 62 Elmwood Dr. became available, they took a leap of faith and reopened. We’re definitely glad they did!

photo: Clement above, baristas Franca and Sebastian (left), and Chef Sam (right)

Fun Facts about Clement:

Q. If you could open a coffee shop in any city in the world, where would it be?

 A. One time my wife and I were on vacation in Orleans, France. It’s a small city, about 100,000 and I remember thinking it’d be a great place to open a coffee shop.

Q. Do you travel often?

A. I’ve traveled Europe a few times. My wife is from the countryside in France, near Switzerland. It’s a small community, not like Paris or anything. So we always have a home-base there. Once we transformed a work van into a camper and traveled through Europe. We always went to public pools to clean up. It was cool because we were able to see a lot of locals.

Q. What inspired your decor?

A. We wanted to keep the same look we had at St. George, like with the wood panelling, but a lot of the inspiration comes from my travels.

Our Favourite Things: East-Coast Christmas List

I swear my heart is shaped like the East-Coast! From relaxing on the beach, to surfing, repelling, skydiving, snowboarding, and sipping local brews or beans–Atlantic Canada offers something for everyone. This coast is vibrant, intelligent, and full of creativity. We’ve compiled a list (and checked it twice) of a few of the things we love here!

1. East Coast Candles

If I ever find myself near the Boyce Farmers Market in Fredericton, NB, East Coast Candles is a must stop. I guarantee these candles smell better than any other collection EVER! The best part is that the scents last for years!

2. Magnetic Hill Winery

I’ve heard many friends rave about the amazing selection of “estate-grown strawberry, raspberry and local New Brunswick blueberry, cranberry and rhubarb” wines that this Moncton winery distills on-site!

3. Honibe

Another classic, East-coast trait is trust in home remedies. Honey is said to act as an anti-allergan, an anti-inflammatory, and a sore-throat soother. This PEI-based company has created lozenges to either replace traditional throat drops or to use as a non-mess, natural hot-beverage sweetener. Kelly uses them all the time and we think you might like them too!

4. Just Us Coffee

Located in the Annapolis Valley, Just Us was created to demonstrate that business can be done by putting “people and the planet before profits.” Just Us now offers a great selection of beans from different regions of the world, along with sugar and chocolate and are available at both Sobey’s and the Superstore. I can’t wait to serve their Holiday Blend this Christmas!

5.Serge Pottery

Looking for a new collection of mugs? These are, by far, my all-time favourite pottery mugs. I bought my first one about two years ago and it–along with a few others from the collection–have served me well. They’ve survived a few tumbles and look so rustic.

6. J. Day Designs

Julie Day is a designer and mom from Nova Scotia. She not only creates beautiful cards and jewellery, but offers tips on both of her blogs! Be sure to follow her and pick up some of her handiwork at Market Street Stamps or by sending her an email.

7. Viet Bistro

Nothing quite says Canada like international cuisine 🙂 This licensed restaurant offers a large variety of traditional Vietnamese food for a very reasonable price (apps $2.50-$10; main dish $10-$20).

8. Anabanana

For all things eco-friendly, trendy, safe, and innovative for the little ones in your life, check out this brand new business on Mountain Rd!

9. Two Women & Their Soap

My sister LOVES this soap. The two artisans are based at King’s Landing Historical Settlement near Fredericton, NB and take pride in making quality soap, creams, and lip balm through time-tested, quality assuring methods. All of their products are handmade in their kitchen and sold at a boutique at the King’s Head Inn and at various craft shows in New Brunswick.

10. Gifts Galore

If I forgot something super cool from the East Coast, I’m sure this little shop can point you in the right direction. They stock all things local from scarves to art to food, Gifts Galore is a one stop shop for all things Maritime. If you’re lucky, they’ll even be serving free cider!

Know Moncton: Wildflower Photography

Capturing your family is an important part of making memories. While there has been a big boom in amateur photography over the past several years, getting professional family portraits done is still an important part of documenting that wonderful family that you have! While there are many wonderful photographers in Moncton we want to highlight for you our favorite local photographer, Steph MacKenzie at Wildflower Photography!

Stephaine MacKenzie

Although Steph has been heavily involved with photography since 2007, it was only 2 shorts months ago that she decided to follow her dream by leaving her job at an assistant manager and launching her photography business full time. That’s courage.

That’s not the only big change that’s been happening in this woman’s life, she’s also a recent newlywed to her husband Tyler. Steph tears up when she describes her husband. It has really been through his love, support, and encouragement that she’s been able to do all that she’s done in the past few months.

Although Steph loves shooting anything and anyone, she has a real passion for capturing families. The love for families shows through in her images which are full of natural emotion, fun, and life that you just don’t get in a Sears-portrait-studio setting.

You may be wondering.. How do we know Steph? We built her house! Her favorite part of her Martell Semi-Detached home is the kitchen and the walkin pantry. We were so happy to work on Steph’s home and are glad that she loves it as much as we do!

One of Steph’s passions is the mission of  ”recapturing beauty”. It’s this passion that drives her “Wildflower Project” which seeks to redefine what beauty is. The format of the project is simple, for every paid session that Steph does she gives one away to a woman (or women) in the community. These free sessions though are not your typical photoshoot. These photoshoots have no makeup or hairstyling … no ‘extras’. Dressed in a simple black T-shirt these community women are challenged to be representatives of true beauty. Beauty, Steph explains, isn’t in the external, it’s the internal. She really wants these women to be an example that beauty is in everyone and to encourage women everywhere to see themselves as beautiful.

Anyone can apply be a part of the Wildflower Project. To apply fill out the form here.

To check out more of Steph’s work and to learn about her projects, pricing, and more check out her facebook page here and her website here

Tim Horton’s New ‘Hamburger Donut’! (It looks like a REAL hamburger!)

It’s hard to believe that you can get a hamburger at a Tim Hortons but at the Tim on Mountain Rd, Moncton that is EXACTLY what you’ll find! We’ve discovered that the store has been chosen to test market this new product to see if it peek customer’s attention and interest! Though it may look like a hamburger, this treat is made up of a regular donut cut in two ( the buns), a sliver of chocolate donut (the ‘meat’), and strawberry and boston cream filling (the ketchup and mustard respectively).


We encourage you to get out and try this treat before they’re gone!

Do you think the hamburger donut will be a hit? Will you be trying it?

Note: to maintain our journalistic integrity we tried them… they were delicious ;)

Know Moncton: Kings Ice Cream

After the last couple of weeks of exams, final projects, report cards, and graduations it is official: Summer is here. And although we live in the Maritimes where the weather is… unpredictable, we still like to enjoy a cold treat on those hot summer days. To help you get into the groove of summer we wanted to highlight for you a special little ice cream shop where you (like us) may want to spend those warm evenings.


Kings Ice Cream was opened in 2003 by sisters Sarah, Celine, and Melissa Campbell. They worked together to create a unique and inviting atmosphere for the surrounding community. With it’s homey barn-like style, ice cream cone chairs, and over 30 flavours of ice cream, it’s the perfect spot for a treat.

The shop is located at 1809 Mountain Road (across from Tim’s a) and the hours are Mon-Sun 1pm-10pm.


Leanne’s Review: When I visited the Kings I tried the “small” hard ice cream in a waffle cone… and it wasn’t small! I was able to get two scoops of ice cream wrapped in a delicious waffle cone, one scoop of cookie n cream and one scoop of peanut butter fudge crunch. While I really enjoyed the cookies n cream, the peanut butter fudge crunch was definitely my favorite of the two!

Check out their facebook page here

What’s your favorite type of ice cream?

Know Moncton: Mother Nurture Spa

Taking care of yourself needs to be a top priority but this can be especially hard when dealing with running a home. Luckily, there are experts to help us relax and rejuvenate when we need it the most. One of the up and coming spots for exactly that is Mother Nurture Day Spa. With over 10 years experience as a massage therapist and an esthetician at her side, owner Michele Fury really does have the expertise to suit your needs.

As “downtown Moncton’s holistic day spa”, Mother Nurture bring an organic and holistic element to their services that is not offered anywhere else in the city. With a concentration on aroma therapy, you’ll notice the difference (and the smell) the moment that you open the door of 376 St. George Street. The products used at the spa are organic, wild crafter, and often Canadian. This means that you can relax even further knowing that the ingredients in the products used haven’t been genetically modified.

Mother Nurture is also know selling natural citronella bug repellant which is safe for the whole family. Stock up soon, soccer season is just around the corner! Coming soon to the spa is also a series of fitness classes for customers looking for therapeutic exercise and also for those uncomfortable in a gym atmosphere.

For more info, you can check out there Facebook page here

Product to Try: The head massage at Mother Nurture is 45 minutes of head, shoulders, and neck massage. Combined with the therapeutic hot towels and essential oils, this massage is perfect for any need. The essential oils can be personalized to your particular needs (relaxation, detoxification, etc) which makes this the perfect massage.


Know Moncton: Ana Banana

The only thing harder than shopping for a new mum is being one. Both of those were true though for Amy Clinch who struggled to be able to get the products that she wanted for her new born in Moncton. Amy will tell you that when she was pregnant that she resorted to traveling all over Atlantic Canada and ordering online on order to get the products she wanted for her baby because of the limited selection available in Moncton. And it was this struggled that gave Amy the idea of starting her own store here in Moncton so that other mothers didn’t have to go through the same thing she did. Ana Banana, named after Amy’s daughter, is a high quality baby products and accessories store that experienced real success itself in its first two month of business.

Being a new mother can be very overwhleming and big generic box stores don’t help that. Ana Banana prides itself on giving you the one-on-one customer service that you and your new family member deserve. Located at 1612 Mountain Rd. the store is filled with innovative and award winning products for newborn-4 year olds. From strollers to toys to cribs to swaddling cloths, this store has products that you wont find anywhere else in Moncton. As well, Ana Banana offers registry services to help loved ones with their shopping experience as well.

Recommended Product: One of Ana Banana’s most successful products to date has been their breathable swaddling clothes. These clothes, made of  muslin, have gained so much popularity because of the reduced risk of SIDS associated with the breathable material. So, whether you’re expecting yourself or know someone who is, this is the product to try!

For more information about products or store hours you can call (506)-386-baby (2229)

Know Moncton: The Jitter Bean Cafe

Maybe you’re new to Moncton and maybe you’ve lived here your whole life. Either way, there are always places you’re not going that you should be. These places are the hidden treasures.

One of Moncton’s newest “hidden treasures” can be found at 1690 Mountain road, the Jitter Bean Cafe (JBC). And we think you should check it out.This is the perfect cafe for professionals looking to get a healthy lunch, have a casual work meeting, or enjoy a delicious treat. The cafe prides itself in serving only fair trade coffees and teas, buying local, and offering health alternatives like hummus, veggies, gluten free and multigrain options.

Their menu is diverse like their clientel and includes beverages (coffees, teats, lattes, etc), treats (cakes, muffins, cookies),  lunch items (panini etc), and crepes which are the newest addition to the JBC menu!

One of my favorite things when I checked out the Jitter Bean Cafe was the atmosphere. Clean, modern, and inviting the JBC will make you feel comfortable the second you walk through the door.  There’s just something about mod lamps, black countertops, and turquoise walls that make this cafe a unique find. It’s the perfect blend of chic and modern.

Things to Try: It can be scary checking out somewhere new and so to both ease the process and  help you widen your cafe horizons, here are our recommendations:

The Jitter Bean Latte – This caramel chocolate latte with caramel drizzle and chocolate shavings is the perfect treat (seriously, I tried it and will definitely be getting it again).

The Margarita Chicken Panini – This delicious and nutritious lunch is a favorite among JBC customers. Grilled chicken, homemade tomato pesto, roasted red peppers, and lettuce make this the food to try.

For more information about the Jitter Bean Cafe (like their hours) check out there Facebook page here.

What do you think is Moncton’s hidden treasure?