Building Dreams & Busting Myths

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 2.00.29 PMA custom home is a smart money move.

Whether you are purchasing your first home, or are ready to move to your forever home, the decision to choose to home builder can be daunting. One of the biggest myths surrounding building a home is that a custom home will cost you more money than buying on on spec. While a prefabricated home may require fewer decisions, in the end, you may be paying for features that you do not need and do not love. Here’s why building custom is a smart money move.

Set your budget, room by room

A custom home allows you to set a manageable budget, and allocate portions of that budget to features that bring you the most joy. If the kitchen is the heart of the home to you, then you can spend a larger portion of your set budget on fixtures that make a statement. In a prefabricated home, you are not able to designate your own money to the areas you desire. With a custom home you are in control of your finances, from start to finish.

Take control: your money, your choice

In choosing a custom home builder you are choosing to build the home of your dreams – the place where you will make memories of a lifetime with family and friends. You are choosing exactly where you want to sit by the fire with a cozy blanket and a book. You are choosing exactly where you want to gather for movie night with your children and grandchildren. You are choosing exactly how large the kitchen island needs to be for all of the food and drinks you will share with friends over the years.

Spend wisely to save wisely

A custom home allows you to be green, and being green saves both the environment and money. Choosing environmentally friendly sources of heating and cooling will save a significant amount of money over your span of home ownership. Unlike a prefabricated home, a custom build allows you to place and source these elements where you need them. What benefit is a heat pump in the family room if you always gather in the kitchen? A fireplace on the main floor when your family watches the game together in the downstairs rec room? The less glamorous elements of a home are often the ones that cost the most long term – the builder should not be the one to dictate where these features should be.

Avoid the cost and stress of renovations

Home renovations can be a major source of stress for families due to the cost of materials, labour, and length of the project. Living in a home under renovation removes both the comfort and the joy your home should provide you. Choosing to build a custom home means that you have a home that you love, with everything you have dreamed, the first time. If you love your home, you won’t have a reason to spend thousands of dollars in renovations that may never achieve the same outcome.

Track budget and schedules in real time

We know the thought of building custom can seem overwhelming with fears of going over budget and over scheduled. That’s why at Martell Custom Homes, we keep ourselves and our clients on track with our unique client login. This web-based platform allows you to participate in your project from any internet connection or smartphone, so you always know what’s coming up and have full control over YOUR build.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for, and get in touch to start building your home with Martell Custom Homes.

Stay tuned for as we bust more myths (and build more dreams) in our next blog post!