Amazing Wooden Homes

Have you ever thought of owning a luxurious, wooden home? The desire may be the result of wanting to own an attractive, superbly crafted log home but may also have something to do with the locale many of us attribute to log homes – sitting mountainside with snow-covered rooftops. Here are some facts about wooden homes:

– wooden homes are eco-friendly and healthy to live in
– wood is one of the most durable building materials
– wood is naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer
– wood homes are fast to build and low on maintenance

Take a look at some amazing wooden dream homes and click on the image to view a larger version:

This may be considered a “Dream Home” for those who are really fed up with their electricity bills…

The Firewood House

The Firewood House

For further information on wooden homes, specificially log homes, you can check out The Canadian Log Home Directory and The Log Homes Council.

What does your wooden dream home look like?