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Meet the Team: Jason Haines

“Ecstatic” does not even scratch the surface of how thrilled we are to have expanded into the Fredericton home builders market!  With the cities unique charm and sense of vitality, we’re looking forward to adding to the community!  However, none of those “Ahhh” moments we experience when a family begins life in a new space are possible without efficient management and we’ve got one heck of a guy looking after this!

Welcome Jason Haines! With a BBA from UNB-Fredericton topped off with a Business Marketing Diploma from NBCC-Moncton and Green Belt Six Sigma Process Improvement from the Juran Institute, this man is well equipped to serve the MHB family as our Fredericton Location Manager!

Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 11.03.12 AM

Jason Haines and his wife Erin are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter Leah and with the arrival of a second daughter,towards the end of June, they’ll be an adorable family of four!

Jason is an avid golfer and has golfed in a few exotic locations, including Korea! He would love to travel Europe to “visit historic sites, distilleries, festivals and OF COURSE GOLF!”

If the opportunity presented itself for Jason to start a new business anywhere on Earth, doing anything at all, he would start a links style golf course in a warm place! He’s leaning towards Jamaica! 

Obviously this guy loves his golf, but he’s also a big Bruin’s fan! He would love to see Boston relocated next to Fredericton so that he could see live games…and enjoy both of the cities’ historical beauty. 

Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 11.01.56 AM

Here are a few extra facts about Jason!

Q. What are your 3 favourite restaurants in Fredericton?
A. BrewBakers, Snooty Fox, & Caribbean Flavas

Q. What is your favorite color combination? 
A. Recently I really like grey and white

Q. What are the top 3 websites for you?
Kijiji: always finding great deals,, theweathernetwork

Let’s all join together to welcome Jason to the team!!

You BBQ’d What!?!

Nothing tops that sweet, smokey smell that begins to radiate through the community this time of year. Nothing pairs quite as well with sunshine as something fresh off the grill. From classic items like hotdogs and burgers to more modern BBQ favorites like kebabs and salmon we all have our go-to BBQ recipes. These are all delicious choices, but I like to get a little creative with my grilling. I would argue that most anything you would normally cook in the oven can be adapted for the grill! Here are some of my personal BBQ favorites!

1. BBQ-Goat Cheese Flatbread Pizza (4 servings)

This option is a fun way to get the whole family or a large group of friends involved in cooking supper!

4 individual flatbreads
BBQ sauce
Fresh spinach
Diced peppers, red onions, broccoli
1 pkg. of Goat’s Cheese

1.Spread the sauce on one side of each piece of flatbread.
2.Set the BBQ to low heat
3.Place the flatbread on the grill
4.Have everyone add their own toppings to their pizza
5.Once the cheese melts, remove from the grill. You can buy pizza lifters for the BBQ or you can do it using a large spatula. If the bread was thick enough it should be easy to remove.

You can adapt this to whatever your favorite pizza sauce and topping combo is! Curry, pesto, tomato, béchamel, and flavoured oils are all good sauce options. Some other great pizza toppings are corn, diced meat, asparagus, eggplant, and zucchini.

2.French Fries (4 servings)


8 small-medium sized potatoes
Olive oil
BBQ seasoning mix (onion powder, cracked black pepper, sea salt, and garlic)
Tinfoil or grill pan

1.Cut the potatoes into fry-sized strips (~cm²)
2.Lay the fries in a single layer on foil or pan
3.Drizzle oil on fries and toss them around.
4.Sprinkle seasoning mix to taste
5.Turn the grill to high and place the tinfoil or pan on the grill.
6.Toss the fries around every 5-10 minutes
7.Remove when they’re cooked to your preference (Approx. 30 mins).

3.Circus Donuts
1 pkg. of old fashioned sugar coated donuts

1.Place the donuts over medium heat until they have a few grill marks! Simple as that!

4. Brussel Sprouts

brussell sprouts (I use frozen)
Balsamic vinegar
Cracked black pepper
Cooked bacon (optional)

1.Toss all ingredients together in a bowl
2.Wrap in tinfoil leaving an opening at the top
3.Place on grill on high heat
4.When the top is crispy, they’re done!

Brussell sprouts can be substituted with asparagus or zucchini

4.Sticky Salmon (4 servings)mare_fennel_and_dill_rubbed_grilled_salmon_v
1 pkg. of frozen salmon fillets
Real Maple Syrup
Fresh Dill

1.Thaw salmon
2.Brush the maple syrup on the fillets
3.Sprinkle a generous amount of dill
4.Wrap individual fillets in tin foil
5.Place on the grill (medium-high) for approx. twenty minutes or until the fillet is flakey

Do you have any odd BBQ favorites?

Colour Palette of the Month: May

May 2013 Colour Palette

It’s May! This month is a big smorgasbord of Mother’s Day (May 12th),  Victoria Day Weekend, Cinco de Mayo, and National Smile Month (UK)! We’re starting to feel the sun on our backs and get an extra spring in our step! Road construction crews and spring clean up are in  full swing. I know our street has started piling up large trash items on the curb, so this month’s palette is inspired by  “upcycling” outdated items! As I was browsing the web for images to add to my ideabook, I kept ouuing and awwing at all the amazing “upcycling” in design. This basically means giving outdated household items a new purpose or new coat of paint. Over the past year or so, many designers have been glamming up outdated or “vintage” items to accent modern decor. This colour palette mixes aged tones, rustic wood, and bold shades of rust to create a chic, eclectic look!

May Bedrooms

This curb-side inspired palette adapts to  a wide range of style preferences. A great option is to paint your walls neutral hues and accent your room with the wood and rust! The first bedroom plays on a variety of red and orange to add some character to an otherwise grey room. In the second photo, the bed stands out with its gorgeous deep orange comforter. The neutral backdrop adds some depth and interest to the space.The chandeliers in both examples are upcycled! The first is from the Victorian period and the second is a modern spin on candlelit  fixtures.


I’ve always been a huge fan of bold colours in the kitchen, but these warm hues really bring out the wood tones! Both designers used a variety of wood grains with one standout, statement piece. The red base to the island transforms an otherwise “normal” kitchen into a cool, eclectic space. In the second photo, a simple coat of bold orange paint cranks this dining room’s design appeal up a few notches!

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 10.46.00 AM


Again, the bold rust shades really bring out the beautiful wood grains in the flooring, while the neutral walls and large windows keep the rooms elegant and modern. I definitely saw that fun area rug in the first photo at Ritchie’s in Moncton last summer!

Smaller Space May

Lastly, this colour palette does amazing things for small spaces. The beiges or greys create an airy feel, while the colour pop give the illusion of a larger space! A coloured office chair, vase, or a solid stripe all make a small space seem less cramped! The grey vintage wall paper makes for a particularly unique design!

Have any of you been browsing the spring clean up curbs for items to upcycle?