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10 things to make you smile in the Spring!

1: Pile up the car with family or friends and head to the coast for a nice walk on the beach! It’s far less crowded this time of year, but make sure to wear some layers!Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 4.31.52 PM

2: BBQ something random! With the snow gone, it’s time to get the grill out! It might not be perfect weather for sitting outside all evening, but everything tastes better on the grill! Some ideas are: Mrs. Dunster’s donuts, pineapple, pizza, taquitos, or corn-on-the-cob!

3: Go to a tourist hotspot before tourist season opens! Hopewell rocks, Albert County museum, the giant lobster, and the Moncton zoo (on Sundays) are all great options!

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 11.52.53 AM

4: Go fishing! Fishing permits are fairly inexpensive and, if you can get out of the city, there are some pretty amazing sights with great fishing. Plus, you get to bring home some “local, free-range” supper!

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 12.10.51 PM

5: Go to a festival! Pre-tanning and bug season is jam-packed with some great festivals! If you’re a reader, the Frye Festival is this week (April 22-28)! Others festivals include FestiVin, Beer Festival, Pro Bass, Paddlefest, The Dragon Boat Festival, and even a culinary fest! Check out NB festivals here!

6: Get a team together and participate in Relay for Life! It’s a great way to forward a cause and have fun with others in the community!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 5.54.03 PM

7: Hear some local talent at a downtime pub! The Tide & Boar and Old Triangle have amazing food and regular performances!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 6.08.05 PM

8:  Go to TreeGo! With locations in both Fredericton and Moncton, most people in NB can play real life Nintendo in the forest at these aerial rope courses! There are different fitness levels for everyone, so don’t be intimidated! It’s serious fun!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 5.41.25 PM

9: Take some family photos at a local park or trail! My Moncton favourites are Mapleton and Irishtown.
Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 12.14.52 PM

10: Relax on a patio! Lots of cafés and restaurants have already opened up their patios! It might still be a bit chilly, but if you wear a hoodie and sip on a hot beverage, it could be a great, relaxing time!

Happy Spring Everyone!


Picture This in Your Home!

Most of us have a pretty nice camera by 2013–whether it’s on our smart phone or a DSLR. It’s easy to snap a lot of pictures, the real challenge is to get a great photo that makes it past facebook and into your home decor! I am by no means a professional photographer, but here are some tricks my photography friends have shared with me that I have found helpful!

1- Framing the Shot

There are a lot of great tips online to help you prep your camera for that perfect shot, but the most basic thing to look at is the rule of thirds. A general rule of photography is to divide your photo into three sections vertically and horizontally. Just like this:

Most cameras will have a setting that puts this lines in your viewfinder. Anywhere that these lines cross is a visually appealing place to have your focus (what your shot features). Of course, the rule of thirds can be broken, but you need to know the rules to break them! Here are a few examples from pinterest: lighthouse-rule-of-thirds 8951615e65febc0adf0b87fe60fab181 c5f685d5d0c945c34525feb8a80f9396

2- Flash Photography

Flash is overrated. Have you ever painted with water colours? You get so excited to use such vibrant colours, but once you start painting you realize the colours all show up really transparent? That’s what flash does. It washes everything out. Your skin looks paler and your environment looks harsher. Sometimes when your camera isn’t all that great, flash can be a lifesaver, but if there is any other way to light the shot–use it! Always try taking a picture without flash to see if there is hope. If you have an SLR, turn your aperature to a lower setting. This will let more light into your lens. For more info on aperture settings check out this site! If you must use flash, try putting a business card at a 45 degree angle over your flash. This is will direct the light above your subject and help keep them vibrant!

Here are two examples of the difference flash makes on quick, automatic shots in a dimly lit room:

With Flash:


Without flash! No squinty eyes and warmer hues!


With Flash:

Much more Christmas-like without flash!


3- Printing!
Once you’ve captured a few great shots, it’s time to print some photos! You can do this at places like Walmart of Costco, but when you print at photography focused shops–like Black’s or Ivan’s Camera–you’ll get higher quality prints! Don’t be afraid to print weird sizes either. Not all pictures have to be 4×8! Your arrangements will look much more professional with different sized photos. Here is one of my favourite size guides!


4- Print snaps from your phone!

There seems to be this unwritten rule that you can only print photos from high megapixel cameras, but one of my favorite photography pins ever was a print out of instagram photos! Instagram’s easy editing tools make for awesome quick shots of some of the best memories.




I hope these tips help you decorate your home with your own memories! Feel free to share any of your own tricks!

Colour Palette of the Month: April

april cp


Even though some of my friends in Montreal woke up to snow this morning, here in Moncton I feel spring! I’ve been getting by with lighter jackets and left the house in sneakers yesterday! Spring is in the air! The grass is green and the birds are chirping. By incorporating these springtime hues, this month’s colour palette should get rid of your winter blues!

rec roomIt just so happens that the basement at my house is a cheery shade of green, so I staged it for you all! I’m really not this clean, but I am excited to share a few tips and tricks for brightening up a basement. Painting the walls green might seem like a terrifying task, but bright walls in the basement really enlivens the space without having to add a crazy amount of windows!

A lot of us don’t have time to fuss with keeping plants alive, but framing large artificial leaves adds some freshness to the room. Most of the furniture is quite neutral, but don’t be afraid to mix and match shades of green. I love that dark green chair against the bright wall!

When you’re trying to create a fresh feel, geometric shapes and symmetrical lines are definitely a go-to feature. Initially, we really wanted to go with a larger tv, but this one matched the size of the window and added to the flow of the rec room. I’m glad we choose it! The circles on the wall keep the airy vibe without making the wall look too bare.


This fresh palette sets the right mood for a brisk walk on the treadmill or a bit of yoga after work. The wall accents are all home made by Heather (the girl who took the photo of the bird in the palette!)  She filled photo frames in with patterned scrapbook paper and made a sunburst mirror out of ties she picked up at second-hand shops! The clean geometric lines make their way into the laundry room as well with a floating shelf holding enlarged photos from vacations.


This palette works great in a bedroom! The greys and white tone down the bright hues while keeping the look really crisp and fresh! Once again, framed natural elements add to the vibrant springtime feel of the palette. The framed pictures above the bed are from Superstore (How crazy is that!?) I love the modern take on traditional patterns that the painted white headboard and side tables give!


Lastly, this palette works great in my study space. A large window above the desk allows for lots of natural lighting and helps keep me focused. This space is a bit more cluttered, but I like to keep some of my favorite things on these floating shelves! I find the white keeps the space from looking too chaotic. This desk is made by setting a countertop on top of two short shelves! The plastic storage stack fit perfectly, but the other side is kept open to store larger items.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini-tour of the basement! I’d love to hear how you guys brighten up your gloomy spaces!


Home Buyers Seminar: Sat April 20, 2013


We are so pleased to have been invited by Bernadette Kenny to speak at her upcoming Home Buyers Seminar.  A home buyers seminar is a great opportunity to sit down and let the experts walk you through the steps toward owning your dream home.

Who are the experts?  Bernadette Kenny of The Mortgage Center as well as our own Pierre Martell will walk you through everything from how to obtain a mortgage, to what you need to know when choosing a builder.  Finally, we will be joined by a local lawyer to address questions regarding the legal process of becoming a home owner.

If you’re considering building now, or even further down the road, please come out and join us on Sat, April 20 from 10am-noon at the Chocolate River Station.  RSVP to hold your spot today: 852-8424 or

Thanks!! We can’t wait to see you there.