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Meet the Team: Rachael

Meet Rachael Keetch (as in “keetch” a ball), our new blogger! Rachael will be graduating with a B.A. in Communications (Honours) this year and plans to take Visual Arts next year. She’s got an East-coast shaped heart, loves design and anything outdoorsy. She’ll be keeping you up to-date on all things Martell for the next little while!

Keep reading to get to know a few things about her!

You only get three crayons to make your picture. Which do you choose?

Turquoise, Charcoal, & Orange

From where do you get your news?

The Huffington Post

What famous people have you seen in real life?

BB King yelled at me for getting too much ice at a hotel once. I also have spent time with Landon Austin, Cautioners (formerly ColorFire) and I’ve seen UnderOath and tons of Politicians. I think the coolest was The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

If you were going to open up a shop, what would you sell?

Fair Trade Coffee–in the darkest shades with all the spices and amazing mugs from the guy who sells them at the market. I’d also offer Candy Cane ice cream all year round!

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did it happen?

I wanted to be a cartoonist. I can’t say I’m one now, but Marketing can be pretty artistic at times 🙂

A New Home Before Christmas? We’ve Got That Wrapped… With A Bow!

Martell Home Builders has got you covered this Christmas.  Just look for the red bow on the door to show you which Martell Homes will be ready before Christmas!

This time of year, we get a ton of calls from clients who are desperately hoping that they can move into a new home in time to celebrate the Holidays.  In the past, it’s been a challenge to accommodate their timelines on short notice.

With a little extra planning and effort, we have reserved a limited number of semi-detached homes in North Moncton & Dieppe that are move-in ready for the holidays!! We are so excited to see who is going to call these awesome properties “HOME”!

So remember, keep an eye out for the red bow.

Current “Christmas-READY” inventory includes the following homes:

  • 15 Caspian Court, Moncton NB
  • 41 Caspian Court, Moncton, NB
  • 99 rue Mathias, Dieppe, NB
  • 101 rue Mathias, Dieppe, NB

Call Natalie today to see any of these units: 506-232-1276!


Colour Palette of the Month: November

We’re not sure if it’s all this great weather, the US election, or a mixture of the two but we’re convinced that soothing blues and patriotic reds no longer need to stay at the cottage after labour day! This week, you could have spent the day at the beach and the evening sipping eggnog lattés! So we thought, why not incorporate nautical this November?

Marine styles have long-been a bathroom go-to, but these modern twists on the concept are anything but traditional. Subtle blues and creams set a calming background, allowing daring reds to pop!

Set sail for relaxation! What better place to incorporate ocean-inspired design than in the bedroom? We recommend a muted palette to best unwind.

Lastly, we think these hues would be a hit with the kids! Whether you add them to a bedroom or playroom, kids will love these fun, primary colours. We recommend using the brightest you can find.

Would you do nautical in November?

Want to QUIT Making Your Landlord Rich?


We get it… rent is EXPENSIVE and ends up in your landlord’s pocket.  Well, Martell Home Builders wants to help you keep more of YOUR MONEY in YOUR POCKET!! We’ve teamed up with leading industry professionals to bring you an awesome FREE homebuying workshop!

We’ll help you answer the following questions:

  • Is homeownership for me?
  • Is now a good time to buy                                       (YES!! It’s a BUYERS MARKET)
  • What if I don’t have a downpayment saved?
  • My credit isn’t great… can I get a mortgage?
  • How do mortgages work?
  • How can I make $$$ my simply owning a home?
  • What is Lease2Own?
  • How can I buy my dream home sooner than I imagined??

This don’t-miss event will be held in 3 sessions.  Sign up at: to have the remaining seats & times sent right to your INBOX!

Or, for more information, call Natalie at 506-232-1276.

Spots are filling up fast so book today!


Remembrance Day 2012

Each November 11th, Canadians all across the nation pause to honour the lives of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the name of Canada since the South African War. In 1919, members of the Commonwealth commemorated the end of WW1 (Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m) with The first Remembrance Day (then known as Armistice Day). This holiday traditionally fell on Thanksgiving, until MP Allan Neill introduced a bill to hold the ceremony on November 11. This bill also included a name change from Armistice,which means a truce between two opposing sides of war, to Remembrance. The first Remembrance Day ceremony was held on November 11, 1931. We hope you will join us this year in honouring the brave men and women who died on behalf of our country. Lest We Forget.

Photos taken from Veteran Terrance Goodwin’s personal photo album
Information taken from Vetern’s Affairs

Top 10 Moustaches of All Time.

Whether you call it a mooostash, must ash, mo, stache, or moustachio, no one can deny that moustaches are in this month. Here’s a list of our all time favourites!

Known for his Hawaiian shirts and well groomed facial hair, this beaut has not slipped our radar. Tom Selleck, your stache is dashing.

No one screams manly like Parks & Rec‘s Ron Swanson. I’ll bet he ate all the eggs and bacon without getting a crumb in his “chevron” styled stache: “You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.”

Our favourite prince, got a little fresher when he started to grow this bad boy.

Some may think Rhett wooed Scarlett with charm and romance, but we all know she simply couldn’t resist his stache.

Eddie Murphy is one funny guy, but no one can laugh about that upper lip decoration.

A perfect depiction of what a handle bar moustache should look like. Good job Hulk!

Master of the Addams’ household and master of the perfect stache. If you’re going to grow a moustache, might we suggest grooming it like Gomez Addams?

There’s not much to say about silent filmmaker, Charlie Chaplin’s moustache. It is what it is and we like it!

Our friend Ryan from Martell Realty grew a particularly fabulous moustache in 2001 during Mount Allison University’s infamous moustache month.

Grown last Movember, Pierre Martell knows how to rock this chevron like a boss! We can’t wait to see what this season will bring!

Whose moustache tops your list?

Three Men. One Goal: Get Mo Stache

[Drum Roll] Check out the end results:

Meet the Team: Kelly

Top: Kelly was always getting hurt as a kid!
Bottom: Her cuddly dog Gus

“Meet Kelly Zwicker: the self-proclaimed Mom of Martell Home Builders. It’s hard to believe, but this young, trendy mother of three is our oldest employee! Don’t let her friendly, down-to-earth personality fool you. This coffee-loving chick knows her stuff and rocks time management. Kelly has been on the Martell team for 4 years and has, without a doubt, enjoyed seeing this start-up thrive!

Starting out as Pierre’s assistant, Kelly quickly changed roles to accommodate customer demand. Officially known as the Operations Manager, Kelly handles everything behind the scenes from the time the house sells until it closes, including all financial stuff, making sure homes get enrolled in the Atlantic Home Warranty & Efficiency NB Programs, alongside legal paperwork, amendments and even event booking!

That being said, Kelly somehow finds time to have fun with her family, grow her own veggies, and take on DIY projects!”

Top: An old map of Woodstock, NB. Kelly and her husband own a house there too!
Bottom: Canned goods grown in her backyard!

Here are a few fun things you might not have known about Kelly!

Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on: The bathroom! After we listed our old house, we noticed the tub was leaking. We decided to gut the whole bathroom–new tile, new tub, all that stuff–and the house sold in a week! So, we had to do this whole bathroom before the closing date! I don’t think we’ll ever do that again.

Are there any tech gadgets you’re eyeing? I’m a bit old-fashioned, I can live without tech stuff, but I’ve been eyeing this tractor…

You wake up and discover that you can speak another language. Which one? Mandarin

Have you ever met a famous person? I was with my Dad at a festival in Lunenburg, NS and David Frizzell & Shelly West were there–they were famous in the seventies!!!

Three favorite local restaurants: Calactus, Panago Pizza, & St.James Gate

Cool Whip or Real Whipped Cream? Real Whip

What city has the best architecture: Halifax

Favorite Smell: Coffee, makes me think of waking up in the morning!

Coffee choice? Starbucks:House Blend or Kicking Horse: Three Sisters

“I would like to try roasting my own, but I don’t want to sacrifice my popcorn machine to do it!”

How do you stay focused: I think I may have adult ADHD, but the best way for me to stay focused with work is to schedule myself. If I have deadlines, I can focus on the task.

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