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One Last Vacation To Give Away…

Oh baby it’s cold outside!

Fall is in the air and many of us are longing for summer days gone by, as we settle into the hustle and bustle of our Fall routines.  With our vacation promotion quickly coming to a close we have only ONE vacation left to give away!  One lucky client will still be able to bask in the sun if they’re the next person to purchase a semi-detached home from Martell Home Builders.  Check out our video for details and happy buying 🙂




Meet the Team: Bruno

It’s time again to meet another member of our awesome Martell Team!

Bruno Poitras has been an important part of the Martell Experience team for three and a half years! As project manager, Bruno is one of the faces that you get to see the most of when you’re building your Martell Home. From walk-throughs to picking out the hardware in your home, Bruno helps you to build the house that you’ve always wanted.

Bruno admits quickly (and with a grin) that he “loves [his] job” and that he’s really always had a passion for building houses. He also admits to being very people-oriented with his favorite part of his job being any time that he gets to talk with clients.

What you may not know about Bruno is that besides being an great project manager and people-person he also has a beautiful 3 year old son, Luka! Luka is a ball of energy and smiles and says that the most fun thing to do is “my birthday” and that his favorite colours are blue and green (even little Luka is crazy about Martell Home Builders!)

But enough of the boring stuff! Here’s what you really wanted to know:

1. Favorite room in a house: – Kitchen I love cooking
2. Favorite Colour: – Blue
3. Dream Home: – Have too many ideas from building so many different types over the years, but if I had to pick one it would have to be a house with a walkout basement on a lot with an amazing view.
4. Halloween Costume Plan: – A repeat of last years Wolverine
5. Personal Motto: – You only live once so make every day an awesome day no matter what
6. Light wood or dark wood?: – A mix of both but aged
7. Dream vacation destination: – Europe


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Colour Palette of the Month: September

It’s that time again! It’s time to unveil our choice for September’s Colour Palette of the Month!


This month we’ve chosen a palette that blends warm and cool tones and integrates the “yellowing” of the fall leaves. We think that just like the turning colour of the leaves, this dash of mustard next to the browns and greys will make your space pop. Not only does this palette convey all the warm and fuzzy feelings of fall but it is also very modern in its use of mustard and grey. While we think that this palette is perfect for any living room or master bedroom we also think that it would be dramatic as a bathroom colour palette. What do you think? What room would you use the palette for?