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2012 Customer Appreciation Day!

In case you didn’t know… WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS!


Yup, you read it right, we love our customers and our 2012 Customer Appreciation Day on August 18th was one opportunity to show that! Over 150 members of our Martell Homes family showed up to celebrate another fantastic year with us which made it our biggest CAD to date. At this year’s event we enjoyed a rock climbing wall, dunk tank, magician, Jared Lutes Band, and bouncy castle which means that there was something for everyone! We also celebrated our customers by giving away thousands of door prizes from local vendors (prizes included lawn mowers and bbqs !).You can check out all of the pictures of our day on SmugMug or our Facebook Page

At the Customer Appreciation Day we also had an opportunity to fundraise for two causes close to our hearts: the Riverview Boys and Girls Club and the CIBC Run for the Cure. While selling tickets (50/50 and dream cottage) might seem a little “stale”, Pierre and Bruno certainly put the “FUN” back in fundraising by sitting in the dunktank  and raffling off tickets for the first throw!

We had so much fun at this year’s Customer Appreciation Day and we hope that you did too! What was your favorite part?

Tips on How to Run Better

Here at Martell Homes we are getting ready for the CIBC Run for the Cure happening on September 30th! And we want you! That’s right, we want you on our team as we run to end breast cancer.


Now, you may be saying “Yeahhh but I don’t run!”.. and that’s okay for 2 reasons!. 1) You don’t have to run when you’re doing the Run for the Cure, you can walk! and 2) We’re here to give you some tips so that you can!

Here are our top 5 tips on how to run better:

1. Be the Turtle When Training – While we all get a little excited when we start something new it’s really important when running to  start conservatively and allow yourself to progress. The danger is that if you start too aggressively you can set yourself up for some less than desireble injuries. Try adding 10% to your run every week for the first three weeks and then back off a bit (20%) for the following week.

2. Treat Your Feet – Having the proper footwear is essential. We’ve all done it, we’ve gone to the store and bought new runners without actually getting them to properly size and evaluate our feet needs. Take your time when you go to get your runners and make sure that you have the absolute best fit and shoe to help you avoid running injuries.

3. Bring a Friend: There’s nothing like having someone there beside you to keep you motivated, entertained, and engaged. Bring someone along who you know will support you and encourage you in your goal. Having someone also makes you more likely to keep up your running schedule because you’re less likely to make excuses not to run if you know someone is depending on you.

4. Keep Your Gear Ready – Always have your running gear (clothes, shoes, water, watch) ready in a bag so that any time you have a burst of energy or motivation you can take advantage of it without getting slowed down by prep.

5.  Enter Races – Races give you a goal which will make you more focused and motivated to push yourself to be the best you can be. The CIBC Run for the Cure is the perfect opportunity for you to set a goal and work towards it. If you’re interested in joining (or supporting) or Martell Homes team check out our donation page here!


Check out this blog for more tips on how you can run better.

3 Great Fall Drink Ideas

I know, I know, you’re saying “Fall?! It’s August!”.. BUT the reality is that August is almost half over, the back to school shopping has begun, and the leaves will soon be turning colour. And so, to help you prepare for the turning of the seasons we wanted to share with you three delicious fall drinks that you can be excited for. Wether it’s a Sunday afternoon barbeque, an evening pig roast, or lunch some seasonally appropriate corn on the cob, here are three fall drinks that we think should get you excited for the cooler temperatures!


1. Cinnamon Toast

You can find the recipe and more like it here

2. Bailey’s Caramel Appletini

You can find the recipe and more like it here

3. Butterscotch Coffee

You can find the recipe and more like it here

Living Green: Lawn Care

Interested in changing some lawn care habits to help the environment and your pocketbooks? Here are 5 great ways to start living green!


1. Pour with Care! – Gasoline can be very damaging to the soil of your lawn not to mention the creatures that come in contact with it. So, when you’re pouring gas into your lawnmower take your time. All too often we’re trying to be quick and we end up spilling gas everywhere which is wasteful and potentially very harmful. We recommend investing in a funnel or a gas canister with one built in to help you control the gas as you pour!

2. Don’t Water the Sidewalk – We talked about this in our Living Green: Conserve Thy Water post but we wanted to say it again, don’t water the sidewalk! It’s very wasteful of our water resources to be spraying the lawn so be extra careful where you place that sprinkler the next time you go to give your lawn a drink!

3.  Get Reel About Mowing – You may have never considered a Reel Mower before but this handy tool will help dramatically reduce the negative impact that your lawn care has on the environment. This tool is run totally by you, no gas and no electricity. Look at it this way, by using a reel mower you’re trimming your lawn, saving the environment, and getting a workout all in one! Now that’s a win.

4. Downsize – A bigger lawn means more work which usually means more resources. Consider investing in a smaller lawn the next time you’re home-shopping. Remember, there are always parks and public spaces if you’re concerned about having the space you need.

5. Eco Landscaping – It may seem strange but there are ways to design your lawn that will make your home more ecologically friendly. For example, deciduous trees can be planted to the south or west of your home to shade the building and lower air conditioning costs. Shrubs can also be planted around the foundation to help insulate your home and keep that heat in! For more info check out this article!

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Fuzzy Pink Mustaches, Cars, and Breast Cancer

Did You know that one in 9 (11%) of Canadian women are expected to develop breast cancer in their lifetime?


The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure is Canada’s largest single day, volunteer-led fundraising event dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, education and awareness programs.

That is why we at Martell Homes put giant (and admittedly ugly) fuzzy pink mustaches on our cars every year. We do it to raise awareness and support for the fight to end breast cancer. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation does more than just cancer research; they also help pay for treatment, offer education and after care support, fit women with wigs and prosthesis, and more. This organization saves lives and Martell Home Builders support them 100%.

From now until race time on September 30th, our trucks will be driving around Moncton with a big pink moustache on them to celebrate and raise awareness for all those who are fighting. If you see us (and the mustaches) be sure to stop us and say hi, or share your story.

If you’re interested in supporting our run for the cure team or becoming a part of the team yourself, checkout our fundraising page here.

Colour Palette of the Month: August

The colour palette for August is one that spans two seasons. It may be summer now but fall (and back to school sales) will soon be upon us which means our walls also needed to be dressed appropriately. This colour palette subtly brings in the warm and natural tones of the autumn season while still incorporating some summer colours. The combination of greens, purple, beige, and blue is one that will keep your space looking fresh and warm at the same time. We recommend this palette for living room spaces especially because of the warm natural feel!