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Video: Dual Purpose Furniture for Small Spaces

Lollipop IN Space Saving System by Resource Furniture


Looking for spacing saving ideas? Check out this YouTube video which illustrates some amazing space saving desks, very awesomely designed space saver beds, tables, and more. If you want to make the most out of your tight living quarters, this space saving furniture by Resource Furniture is definitely for you!

I think what I love the most about this furniture, besides the obvious coolness factor and great looks, is that everything looks incredibly easy to transform. You don’t need to clear all the kids’ toys or knickknacks off shelves in order to convert a wall shelf or computer desk into space saver beds.

Want more? Here’s a link to Resource Furniture’s website.

Poppi Theatre Space Saving System by Resource Furniture


If you haven’t done so already, watch the video and let us know which space saving furniture is your favourite. Do you have other great space saving ideas worth sharing? Leave a comment to let us know!

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New Brunswick Concert Pics – Top 13 Best Concert Photos

Concert photos how to


Taking photos at a concert can be tricky. The lighting is horrible for photographic purposes, the crowds make it impossible to set up a tripod or steady your camera, and if you didn’t manage to get good seats, you could be far, far away from the action. So, when you come across awesome concert pics, you can’t help but admire them.

From rock concert photos to concert crowd pics, here are some of the best New Brunswick concert photos, as well as a few pointers on how to capture your own concert pics successfully.

Get creative with exposure to add interestingness to your concert pics:

Concert Pics


If people are in your way, use that to your advantage by using them to frame your subject:

Concert photos


Use the lighting to your advantage:

Taking concert pics


Capture great concert pics


 Concert photos how to


Capture the performer’s personality when possible, as well as when they’re in the middle of singing:

Photographing concerts


Best concert pics


Getting the best concert photos


Follow the rule of thirds when composing your shot:

Concert pics rule of thirds


Rule of thirds concert pics


How to capture the best concert photos


Think outside the box. In addition to the standard concert photos that show the performers on stage, consider capturing other elements from different angles:

Boots - Concert Pics


Photograph the crowd to help illustrate the excitement:

Concert crowd pics


Do you have some concert photos to share? Got some tips on how to capture the best concert pics? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Looking for more outstanding local photos? Check out these must-see photographs of Moncton, New Brunswick.

Must-See Photographs of Moncton, New Brunswick

Moncton Sign

Whether you’re a local who wants to see some beautiful Moncton photographs for your own amusement or to brag to out-of-town family and friends, or you live somewhere else but would like to see what Moncton has to offer, here are some amazing must-see photographs of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Ahhh, what a beautiful place indeed!

Clicking on an image will open a new window bringing you to the photographer’s website or Flickr profile.

Moncton on the globe


Indian Mountain


Freezing Rain


Downtown Crossroad


Middle of Main Street


Relay for Life


Moncton City Hall Fountain


Moncton Spring Sunset


Old House on Mill Road


Shadow of a Man on Main Street


Moncton City Hall


Waterfront Park


Moncton's Castle Manor


Blue Cross Clock at Sunset


Aliant Tower Reflection


Street Hockey on Main Street


Moncton Centennial Park


Petitcodiac River in Moncton


Anderson Hollow


Bend in the river




Do you have some interesting Moncton photos you’re proud of? Feel free to leave a comment with a link to where we can see them! Oh, and be sure to check out these other blog posts about our beautiful province:

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10 New Brunswick Companies That Create Jobs

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is home to over 750,000 people. But what is the economy like?  Wikipedia sums up New Brunswick’s economy quite well:

New Brunswick’s urban areas have modern, service-based economies dominated by the health care, educational, retail, finance, and insurance sectors. These sectors are reasonably equitably distributed in all three principal urban centres. In addition, heavy industry and port facilities are found in Saint John; Fredericton is dominated by government services, universities, and the military; and Moncton has developed as a commercial, retail, transportation, and distribution centre with important rail and air terminal facilities.

The rural primary economy is best known for forestry, mining, mixed farming, and fishing.

Forestry is important in all areas of the province, but especially in the heavily forested central regions. There are many sawmills in the smaller towns and several large pulp and paper mills located in Saint John, Miramichi, Nackawic, and Edmundston.

Heavy metals, including lead and zinc, are mined in the north around Bathurst. One of the world’s largest potash deposits is located in Sussex; a second potash mine, costing over a billion dollars, is in development in the Sussex region. Oil and natural gas deposits are also being developed in the Sussex region.

Farming is concentrated in the upper Saint John River valley (in the northwest portion of the province), where the most valuable crop is potatoes. Mixed and dairy farms are found elsewhere, but especially in the southeast, concentrated in the Kennebecasis and Petitcodiac river valleys.

The most valuable fish catches are lobster, scallops and king crab. The farming of Atlantic salmon in the Passamaquoddy Bay region is an important local industry.

The largest employers in the province are the Irving group of companies, several large multinational forest companies, the government of New Brunswick, and the McCain group of companies.


Okay, so in addition to working for the government, forestry sector, Irving and McCain, what other New Brunswick companies create jobs? Here is a list of a few (including a few already mentioned):

  1. Irving
  2. McCain
  3. New Brunswick Public Service
  4. Horizon Health Network
  5. NB Power
  6. Department of Education
  7. University of New Brunswick
  8. CFB Gagetown
  9. Maple Leaf Foods
  10. Ganong 

New Brunswick Public Service Jobs

Something else you might be interested in reading is the 2010 winners for the Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers. If you’re an Atlantic Canadian company who would like to be considered for future competitions, you can get more details and an application form from the link just provided.

Do you know a New Brunswick company that is great to work for (no brown-nosing your boss here!) or one that helps create local jobs? Let us know by commenting below!

New Brunswick Labour Force Statistics