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Moncton – A Great Place to Buy!

Choosing where to make the most expensive purchase in your lifetime can be a difficult task and often comes with uncertainty about the city you will call home.

Moncton is a great place to buy a home for many reasons:

  • – Central location within the region
  • – Access to two world-class hospitals
  • – Multiple green spaces
  • – First-class sports, recreation and entertainment facilities
  • – Superb selection of schools, colleges and universities
  • – Thriving retail sector
  • – Low cost of living
  • – A vibrant cultural setting and a Great Quality of Life

With an average price of $157,000 in December 2008, according to CMHC, Moncton also continues to be one of the most affordable housing markets in Canada with a wide variety of housing alternatives.

If this isn’t enough proof, there has been some serious buzz about the city of late. The Canadian Real Estate Magazine recently named Moncton as one of the top five havens for real estate investors. According to experts, Moncton earned this distinction because of its diversified economy, increasing home prices, population growth, demand for rental properties and demographics that promote economic stability.

MoneySense Magazine listed Moncton 6th out of 154 communities in Canada’s Best Places to Live 2008, 10th in Canada’s Best Places to Retire and gave the city top marks (A-) in its rating of 35 major cities’ appeal to real estate investors. Most recently, Moncton was named by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) as one of the Top Seven Communities of 2009 for its achievement in “working to create prosperity and social inclusion in what ICF terms the ‘Broadband Economy'”.

So if you plan on buying a home, living in a dynamic growing community, retiring or doing business in the 21st century, there’s ample proof that Moncton is a fantastic choice.

Quit Making Your Landlord Rich!

Did you know??…..

…….the average net worth of a renter is $10,600, and that of a homeowner is $217,282!

If you’re still renting, then you need to attend this seminar!

Speakers Pierre Martell (Martell Home Builders) and Kelly Sullivan (BMO) talk about the in’s and out’s of home buying and mortgages.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Real estate market conditions in Moncton, NB
  • How to purchase your house and have money in your pocket at closing
  • Becoming financially independent through home ownership
  • What you need to do to qualify for a mortgage

Followed by a Question and Answer session… your chance to finally have those questions about becoming a homeowner answered.

Join us for great information and refreshments.

Note: There’s limited seating, so please confirm yours by registering today